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Type: Journal article
Title: Re-sourcing queer subjectivities: Sexual identity and lesbian/gay print media
Author: Cover, R.
Citation: Media International Australia, 2002; 103:109-123
Publisher: Univ Queensland Press
Issue Date: 2002
ISSN: 1329-878X
Abstract: With most critical discussions of lesbian/gay identities and media focusing on mass-circulation representation, visibility and stereotyping, the lesbian/gay community small press has remained neglected, particularly as it plays a role in the constitution of the performative lesbian/gay subject. This paper brings queer theory and communication theories closer together by focusing on both the reading positions inculcating subjective performativity and the mediation of contemporary discourses of sexuality. By examining the role of the gay press as an affirmative 'first encounter' site with oft-censored discourses of non-heterosexuality, it is concluded that there are issues of responsibility in the discursive foreclosure on sexual alternatives beyond the hetero/homo binary in contemporary media formations.
RMID: 0020081911
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