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2013Respiratory diseases and their effects on respiratory function and exercise capacityVan Erck-Westergren, E.; Franklin, S.; Bayly, W.
2011Equitation and exercise factors affecting dynamic upper respiratory tract function: A review illustrated by case reportsAllen, K.; Terron Canedo, N.; Hillyer, M.; Franklin, S.
2007RAO and IAD: respiratory disease in horses revisitedAllen, K.; Franklin, S.
2008Effect of head position on radiographic assessment of laryngeal tie-forward procedure in horsesMcCluskie, L.; Franklin, S.; Lane, J.; Tremaine, W.; Allen, K.
2011Evaluation of cytokine mRNA expression in bronchoalveolar lavage cells from horses with inflammatory airway diseaseHughes, K.; Nicolson, L.; Da Costa, N.; Franklin, S.; Allen, K.; Dunham, S.
2007Severe collapse of the rostral soft palate as a source of abnormal respiratory noise in six ponies and horsesAllen, K.; Lane, J.; Woodford, N.; Franklin, S.
2006A quantitative study of the equine soft palate using histomorphometryRichardson, L.; Wakley, G.; Franklin, S.
2009Horizontal moment around the hoof's centre of pressure during walking in a straight lineColborne, G.; Heaps, L.; Franklin, S.
2006Retrospective study of predictive variables for maximal heart rate (HRmax) in horses undergoing strenuous treadmill exerciseVincent, T.; Newton, J.; Deaton, C.; Franklin, S.; Biddick, T.; McKeever, K.; McDonough, P.; Young, L.; Hodgson, D.; Marlin, D.
2006Prevalence of inflammatory airway disease in National Hunt horses referred for investigation of poor athletic performanceAllen, K.; Tremaine, W.; Franklin, S.