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2013A molecular ecological approach to the detection and designation of the etiological agents of a model polymicrobial diseaseAntiabong, J.; Jardine, D.; Boardman, W.; Brown, M.; Ball, A.
2013Does anaerobic bacterial antibiosis decrease fungal diversity in oral necrobacillosis disease?Antiabong, J.; Boardman, W.; Adetutu, E.; Brown, M.; Ball, A.
2013The oral microbial community of gingivitis and lumpy jaw in captive macropodsAntiabong, J.; Boardman, W.; Moore, R.; Brown, M.; Ball, A.
2014Haematological responses of Australian owls to naturally occurring disease or injuryClark, P.; Boardman, W.; Raidal, S.
2014What can we learn from the microbial ecological interactions associated with polymicrobial diseases?Antiabong, J.; Boardman, W.; Ball, A.
2016Molecular and serological survey of selected viruses in free-ranging wild ruminants in IranHemmatzadeh, F.; Boardman, W.; Alinejad, A.; Hematzade, A.; Moghadam, M.
2013Suspected toxic hepatopathy of plant origin in wild southern hairy nosed wombat (Lasiorhinus latifrons)Woolford L; Fletcher M; Boardman, W.; 9th International Symposium on Poisonous Plants (ISOPP9) (15 Jul 2013 - 17 Jul 2013 : Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China)
2017Outbreaks of sarcoptic mange in free-ranging koala populations in Victoria and South Australia: a case seriesSpeight, K.; Whiteley, P.; Woolford, L.; Duignan, P.; Bacci, B.; Lathe, S.; Boardman, W.; Scheelings, T.; Funnell, O.; Underwood, G.; Stevenson, M.
2014Nasal colonization of Staphylococcus Spp among captive and free-ranging wallabies in South AustraliaChen, M.; Boardman, W.; Smith, I.; Goodman, A.; Brown, M.
2015Characterisation of β-lactam resistance mediated by blaZ in staphylococci recovered from captive and free-ranging wallabiesChen, M.; Boardman, W.; Smith, I.; Goodman, A.; Brown, M.