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2013Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia and its current picture in Pakistan: a reviewSamiullah, S.
2013The location of protoporphyrin in the eggshell of brown-shelled eggsSamiullah, S.; Roberts, J.
2013Egg quality and age of laying hens: Implications for product safetyRoberts, J.; Chousalkar, K.; Samiullah, S.
2013Skin temperature during cutaneous wound healing in an equine model of cutaneous fibroproliferative disorder: kinetics and anatomic-site differencesCeleste, Christophe J.; Deschesne, Karine; Riley, Christopher Bruce; Theoret, Christine L.
2013Zoonotic potential of Giardia duodenalis and Cryptosporidium spp. and prevalence of intestinal parasites in young dogs from different populations on Prince Edward Island, CanadaUehlinger, F.; Greenwood, S.; McClure, J.; Conboy, G.; O'Handley, R.; Barkema, H.
2013Does prey density limit Amur tiger Panthera tigris altaica recovery in northeastern China?Zhang, C.; Zhang, M.; Stott, P.
2013Giardia duodenalis assemblage-specific induction of apoptosis and tight junction disruption in human intestinal epithelial cells: Effects of mixed infectionsKoh, W.; Geurden, T.; Paget, T.; O'Handley, R.; Steuart, R.; Thompson, R.; Buret, A.
2013Presence of Ureaplasma diversum in the Australian cattle populationArgue, B.; Chousalkar, K.; Chenoweth, P.
2013Identification of chicken intestinal microbiota correlated with the efficiency of energy extraction from feedStanley, D.; Geier, M.; Denman, S.; Haring, V.; Crowley, T.; Hughes, R.; Moore, R.
2013Artificially extending photoperiod improves milk yield in dairy goats and is most effective in late lactationRusso, V. M.; Cameron, A. W. N.; Dunshea, F. R.; Tilbrook, A. J.; Leury, B. J.