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2013The location of protoporphyrin in the eggshell of brown-shelled eggsSamiullah, S.; Roberts, J.
2013Transient treatment of pregnant Merino ewes with modulators of cortisol biosynthesis coinciding with primary wool follicle initiation alters lifetime wool growthMcDowall, M.; Watson-Haigh, N.; Edwards, N.; Kadarmideen, H.; Nattrass, G.; McGrice, H.; Hynd, P.
2013Immunoreactivity for the NMDA NR1 subunit in bulbospinal catecholamine and serotonin neurons of rat ventral medullaLlewellyn-Smith, I.; Mueller, P.
2013Effects of gestational age on physical findings of immaturity, body weight, and survival in neonatal alpacas (2002-2010)Hardefeldt, L.; Semrad, S.; Crump, M.; Caraguel, C.; Peek, S.
2013Experimental power considerations-justifying replication for animal care and use committeesDemétrio, C.; Menten, J.; Leandro, R.; Brien, C.
2013Convergence in digestive capacity in nectar-feeding birdsMcwhorter, T.; Schondube, J.; Nicolson, S.; Pinshow, B.; Fleming, P.; Martinez Del Rio, C.; Annual Meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) (03 Jan 2013 - 07 Jan 2013 : San Francisco, CA)
2013Abrupt emergence of a single dominant multidrug-resistant strain of Escherichia coliJohnson, J.; Tchesnokova, V.; Johnston, B.; Clabots, C.; Roberts, P.; Billig, M.; Riddell, K.; Rogers, P.; Qin, X.; Butler-Wu, S.; Price, L.; Aziz, M.; Nicholas-Chanoine, M.; DebRoy, C.; Robicsek, A.; Hansen, G.; Urban, C.; Platell, J.; Trott, D.; Zhanel, G.; et al.
2013β-lactam resistance in gram-negative pathogens isolated from animalsTrott, D.