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2013Epidemiological perspectives on West Nile virus surveillance in wild birds in Great BritainBrugman, V. A.; Horton, D. L.; Phipps, L. P.; Johnson, N.; Cook, A. J. C.; Fooks, A. R.; Breed, Andrew Christopher
2013Experimental evaluation of fatty acid profiles as a technique to determine dietary composition in benthic elasmobranchsBeckmann, C.; Mitchell, J.; Seuront, L.; Stone, D.; Huveneers, C.
2013Effects of group size and floor space allowance on grouped sows: aggression, stress, skin injuries, and reproductive performanceHemsworth, P.; Rice, M.; Nash, J.; Giri, K.; Butler, K.; Tilbrook, A.; Morrison, R.
2013Characteristics of palatal instability in Thoroughbred racehorses and their association with the development of dorsal displacement of the soft palateAllen, K.; Franklin, S.
2013Abrupt emergence of a single dominant multidrug-resistant strain of Escherichia coliJohnson, J.; Tchesnokova, V.; Johnston, B.; Clabots, C.; Roberts, P.; Billig, M.; Riddell, K.; Rogers, P.; Qin, X.; Butler-Wu, S.; Price, L.; Aziz, M.; Nicholas-Chanoine, M.; DebRoy, C.; Robicsek, A.; Hansen, G.; Urban, C.; Platell, J.; Trott, D.; Zhanel, G.; et al.
2013Evolution of a contagious cancer: epigenetic variation in Devil Facial Tumour DiseaseUjvari, B.; Pearse, A.; Peck, S.; Harmsen, C.; Taylor, R.; Pyecroft, S.; Madsen, T.; Papenfuss, A.; Belov, K.
2013The effect of palatal dysfunction on measures of ventilation and gas exchange in Thoroughbred racehorses during high intensity exerciseAllen, K.; Franklin, S.
2013Effects of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor treatment on plasma oxytocin and cortisol in major depressive disorderKeating, C.; Dawood, T.; Barton, D.; Lambert, G.; Tilbrook, A.
2013Companion animal veterinarians' use of clinical communication skillsMcArthur, M.; Fitzgerald, J.
2013Highly variable microbiota development in the chicken gastrointestinal tractStanley, D.; Geier, M.; Hughes, R.; Denman, S.; Moore, R.