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2013Effect of feeding level on luteal function and progesterone concentration in the vena cava during early pregnancy in giltsAthorn, R.; Stott, P.; Bouwman, E.; Chen, T.; Kennaway, D.; Langendijk, P.
2013Split weaning increases the incidence of lactation oestrus in boar-exposed sowsTerry, R.; Kind, K.; Hughes, P.; Kennaway, D.; Herde, P.; Van Wettere, W.
2013Genes involved in muscle lipid composition in 15 European Bos taurus breedsDunner, S.; Sevane, N.; Garcia, D.; Lev├ęziel, H.; Williams, J.; Mangin, B.; Valentini, A.; GeMQual Consortium
2013An investigation of the impacts of induced parturition, birth weight, birth order, litter size, and sow parity on piglet serum concentrations of immunoglobulin GNguyen, K.; Cassar, G.; Friendship, R.; Dewey, C.; Farzan, A.; Kirkwood, R.; Hodgins, D.
2013Identification of differential duodenal gene expression levels and microbiota abundance correlated with differences in energy utilisation in chickensKonsak, B.; Stanley, D.; Haring, V.; Geier, M.; Hughes, R.; Howarth, G.; Crowley, T.; Moore, R.
2013The buffalo genome and the application of genomics in animal management and improvementIamartino, D.; Williams, J.; Sonstegard, T.; Reecy, J.; Van Tassell, C.; Nicolazzi, E.; Biffani, S.; Biscarini, F.; Schroeder, S.; de Oliveira, D.; Coletta, A.; Garcia, J.; Ali, A.; Ramunno, L.; Pasquariello, R.; Drummond, M.; Bastianetto, E.; Fritz, E.; Knoltes, J.; International Buffalo Consortium
2013Ventricular and extraventricular ependymal tumors in 18 CatsWoolford, L.; de Lahunta, A.; Baiker, K.; Dobson, E.; Summers, B.
2013Mononuclear leukocyte fatty acid composition and inflammatory phenotype in periparturient and lactating sowsContreras, G.; Kirkwood, R.; Sordillo, L.
2013Putative paraneoplastic pemphigus and myasthenia gravis in a cat with a lymphocytic thymomaHill, P.; Brain, P.; Collins, D.; Fearnside, S.; Olivry, T.
2013Serial monoxenous transmission of Toxoplasma gondii in catsAwobode, H.; Paul, A.; Sengoku-Graham, H.; Clem, R.; Mateus-Pinilla, N.; McAllister, M.