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2013Serial monoxenous transmission of Toxoplasma gondii in catsAwobode, H.; Paul, A.; Sengoku-Graham, H.; Clem, R.; Mateus-Pinilla, N.; McAllister, M.
2013The RNA chaperone Hfq promotes fitness of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae during porcine pleuropneumoniaSubashchandrabose, S.; Leveque, R.; Kirkwood, R.; Kiupel, M.; Mulks, M.
2013Sugar preferences of avian nectarivores are correlated with intestinal sucrase activityNapier, K.; McWhorter, T.; Nicolson, S.; Fleming, P.
2013The two-step Fagan's nomogram: ad hoc interpretation of a diagnostic test result without calculationCaraguel, C.; Vanderstichel, R.
2013Validation and evaluation of a commercially available ELISA for the detection of antibodies specific to bovine viral diarrhoea virus (bovine pestivirus)Lanyon, S.; Anderson, M.; Bergman, E.; Reichel, M.
2013Association of genes involved in carcass and meat quality traits in 15 European bovine breedsDunner, S.; Sevane, N.; García, D.; Cortés, O.; Valentini, A.; Williams, J.; Mangin, B.; Cañón, J.; Levéziel, H.; Albertí, P.; Amarger, V.; Boitard, S.; Cañón, J.; Checa, M.; Christensen, M.; Crisá, A.; Delourme, D.; Dunner, S.; Ertbjerg, P.; Failla, S.; et al.
2013Association of bovine meat quality traits with genes included in the PPARG and PPARGC1A networksSevane, N.; Armstrong, E.; Cortés, O.; Wiener, P.; Wong, R.P.; Dunner, S.
2013The genome of murine cytomegalovirus is shaped by purifying selection and extensive recombinationSmith, L.; McWhorter, A.; Shellam, G.; Redwood, A.
2013Boar contact is an effective stimulant of ovulation during early lactationVan Wettere, W.; Kaisler-Smith, C.; Terry, R.; Weaver, A.; Herde, P.; Kennaway, D.; Hughes, P.; Kind, K.
2013Effects of gestational age on physical findings of immaturity, body weight, and survival in neonatal alpacas (2002-2010)Hardefeldt, L.; Semrad, S.; Crump, M.; Caraguel, C.; Peek, S.