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2013Animal law teaching in non-law disciplines: incorporation in animal and veterinary science curriculaWhittaker, A.
2013"Cycliplex PCR" confirmation of Fusobacterium necrophorum isolates from captive wallabies: a rapid and accurate approachAntiabong, J.; Boardman, W.; Smith, I.; Brown, M.; Ball, A.; Goodman, A.
2013Detection of Fusobacterium necrophorum leukotoxin (lkta) gene sequence in the oral cavity of captive macropodsAntiabong, J.; Boardman, W.; Smith, I.; Brown, M.; Ball, A.; Goodman, A.
2013Generic substitution in the treatment of epilepsy: Patient attitudes and perceptionsNgo, S.; Stupans, I.; McKinnon, R.
2013Effect of split weaning on sow ovulatory responses to injection of gonadotrophins during lactationKirkwood, R.; Turner, K.; Rutley, D.
2013PPAR-alpha cloning, expression, and characterizationNgo, S.; McKinnon, R.
2013Lymphoma in cats treated with a weekly cyclophosphamide-, vincristine-, and prednisone-based protocol: 114 cases (1998-2008)Waite, A.; Jackson, K.; Gregor, T.; Krick, E.
2013Can Europe learn lessons from African horse sickness in Senegal?Van Den Boom, R.; Sloet Van Oldruitenborgh-Oosterbaan, M.
2013Effect of clenbuterol on tracheal mucociliary transport in horses undergoing simulated long-distance transportationNorton, J.; Jackson, K.; Chen, J.; Boston, R.; Nolen-Walston, R.
2013Team-based learning increases active engagement and enhances development of teamwork and communication skills in a first-year course for veterinary and animal science undergraduatesHazel, S.; Heberle, N.; McEwen, M.; Adams, K.