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2016The prevalence and pathological features of Chlamydia pecorum infections in South Australian koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus)Speight, K.; Polkinghorne, A.; Penn, R.; Boardman, W.; Timms, P.; Fraser, T.; Johnson, K.; Faull, R.; Bate, S.; Woolford, L.
2014Effects of overnight captivity on antioxidant capacity and clinical chemistry of wild southern hairy-nosed wombats (Lasiorhinus latifrons)Debrincat, S.; Taggart, D.; Rich, B.; Beveridge, I.; Boardman, W.; Dibben, R.
2014Nasal colonization of Staphylococcus Spp among captive and free-ranging wallabies in South AustraliaChen, M.; Boardman, W.; Smith, I.; Goodman, A.; Brown, M.
2015Surgical treatment of bilateral distal femoral Salter-Harris type I fractures in a juvenile southern hairy-nosed wombatAnderson, G.; Boardman, W.; Davies, S.; McEwen, M.
2013"Cycliplex PCR" confirmation of Fusobacterium necrophorum isolates from captive wallabies: a rapid and accurate approachAntiabong, J.; Boardman, W.; Smith, I.; Brown, M.; Ball, A.; Goodman, A.
2013Detection of Fusobacterium necrophorum leukotoxin (lkta) gene sequence in the oral cavity of captive macropodsAntiabong, J.; Boardman, W.; Smith, I.; Brown, M.; Ball, A.; Goodman, A.
2014Suspected toxic hepatopathy of plant origin in wild southern hairy-nosed wombats (Lasiorhinus latifrons)Woolford, L.; Fletcher, M.; Boardman, W.; 9th International Symposium on Poisonous Plants (ISOPP9) (15 Jul 2013 - 17 Jul 2013 : Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China)
2014Emerging infectious diseases in free-ranging wildlife-Australian zoo based wildlife hospitals contribute to national surveillanceCox-Witton, K.; Reiss, A.; Woods, R.; Grillo, V.; Baker, R.; Blyde, D.; Boardman, W.; Cutter, S.; Lacasse, C.; McCracken, H.; Pyne, M.; Smith, I.; Vitali, S.; Vogelnest, L.; Wedd, D.; Phillips, M.; Bunn, C.; Post, L.
2014Evaluation of medetomidine-ketamine and medetomidine-ketamine-butorphanol for the field anesthesia of free-ranging dromedary camels (camelus dromedarius) in AustraliaBoardman, W.; Lethbridge, M.; Hampton, J.; Smith, I.; Woolnough, A.; McEwen, M.; Miller, G.; Caraguel, C.
2014Plasma biochemistry and urinalysis variables of koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) with and without oxalate nephrosisSpeight, K.; Haynes, J.; Boardman, W.; Breed, W.; Taggart, D.; Rich, B.; Woolford, L.