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2017Atrazine contamination of sow feed and water affects the litter sex ratio and increases fetal mortality in ThailandAm-In, N.; Kirkwood, R.; Tantasuparuk, W.
2016Nutrient utilisation in grower pigs fed boiled, ensiled or milled cassava roots blended with a high protein concentrateDom, M.; Ayalew, W.; Glatz, P.; Kirkwood, R.; Hughes, P.
2016Control of estrus in gilts and primiparous sowsKirkwood, R.; De Rensis, F.
2013Isolation and molecular characterization of vancomycin-resistant enterococcus faecium from swine in Michigan, USAGordoncillo, M.; Donabedian, S.; Bartlett, P.; Perri, M.; Zervos, M.; Kirkwood, R.; Febvay, C.
2012Prostaglandin F2α and control of reproduction in female swine: A reviewDe Rensis, F.; Saleri, R.; Tummaruk, P.; Techakumphu, M.; Kirkwood, R.
2012Effect of amino acids supply in reduced crude protein diets on performance, efficiency of mammary uptake, and transporter gene expression in lactating sowsManjarin, R.; Zamora, V.; Wu, G.; Steibel, J.; Kirkwood, R.; Taylor, N.; Wils-Plotz, E.; Trifilo, K.; Trottier, N.
2009Branched-chain amino acids are required for the survival and virulence of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae in swineSubashchandrabose, S.; LeVeque, R.; Wagner, T.; Kirkwood, R.; Kiupel, M.; Mulks, M.
2010Effect of gonadotropin treatment on estrus, ovulation, and litter size in weaned and anestrous sowsManjarin, R.; Garcia, J.; Dominguez, J.; Castro, M.; Alegre, B.; Munoz, J.; Kirkwood, R.
2012Transcript abundance of hormone receptors, mammalian target of rapamycin pathway-related kinases, insulin-like growth factor I, and milk proteins in porcine mammary tissueManjarin, R.; Steibel, J.; Kirkwood, R.; Taylor, N.; Trottier, N.
2008Effect of hCG on early luteal serum progesterone concentrations in PG600-treated giltsManjarin, R.; Dominguez, J.; Castro, M.; Alegre, B.; Driancourt, M.; Kirkwood, R.