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2009Equine colic and coagulation disordersAlsaad, K.; Al-Farha, A.
2008Inherited myopathy in a Great Dane [case report]Davies, Sarah; Davies, D. R.; Richards, R. B.; Bruce, W. J.
2017The effect of commercial, natural and grape seed extract supplemented diets on gene expression signatures and survival of greenlip abalone (Haliotis laevigata) during heat stressShiel, B.; Hall, N.; Cooke, I.; Robinson, N.; Stone, D.; Strugnell, J.
2004Expression of Interleukin 4, Interleukin 4 splice variants and Interferon gamma mRNA in calves experimentally infected with Fasciola hepaticaWaldvogel, A.; Lepage, M.F.; Zakher, A.; Reichel, M.; Eicher, R.; Heussler, V.
2016Evaluation of heart rate and rhythm during exerciseAllen, K.; Young, L.; Franklin, S.
2005Diagnostic dermatology : demodicosisHall, Jan; Keirstead, Natalie Danette
2013Egg quality and age of laying hens: Implications for product safetyRoberts, J.; Chousalkar, K.; Samiullah, S.
2015Owner's survey of electrolyte supplementation in Australian endurance horses, preliminary resultsFarrugia, J.; Franklin, S.; Verdegaal, E.; European College of Equine Internal Medicine Congress 2015 (ECEIM) (06 Nov 2015 - 07 Nov 2015 : Utrecht, The Netherlands)
2016Atypical cases of equine Glanders could form a risk for re-emerging Glanders disease worldwideVerdegaal, L.; van Oijen, L.; 10th International Equine Infectious Disease Conference (IEIDC) (04 Apr 2016 - 08 Apr 2016 : Buenos Aeros, Argentina)
2012Comparison of the effects of xylazine bolus versus medetomidine constant rate infusion on cardiopulmonary function and depth of anesthesia in horses anesthetized with isofluraneCreighton, Catherine; Lemke, Kip A.; Lamont, Leigh A.; Horney, Barbara S.; Riley, Christopher Bruce