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2012Comparison of the effects of xylazine bolus versus medetomidine constant rate infusion on cardiopulmonary function and depth of anesthesia in horses anesthetized with isofluraneCreighton, Catherine; Lemke, Kip A.; Lamont, Leigh A.; Horney, Barbara S.; Riley, Christopher Bruce
2012An evaluation of wild bird avian influenza surveillance in Great BritainBreed, Andrew Christopher; Irvine, Richard M.; Duncan, Daisy; Rae, David; Snow, Lucy; Cook, Alisdair J C.; Brown, Ian H.
2012Feasibility of infrared spectroscopy with pattern recognition techniques to identify a subpopulation of mares at risk of producing foals diagnosed with failure of transfer of passive immunityRiley, Christopher Bruce; McClure, J. Trenton; Low-Ying, Sarah; Dolenko, B. K.; Somorjai, R. L.; Shaw, R. Anthony
2012Congenital dyserythropoietic anaemia and dyskeratosis in Australian Poll Hereford calvesKessell, A.; Hanshaw, D.; Finnie, J.; Nosworthy, P.
2012Design and phenotyping procedures for recording wool, skin, parasite resistance, growth, carcass yield and quality traits of the SheepGENOMICS mapping flockWhite, J.; Allingham, P.; Gorman, C.; Emery, D.; Hynd, P.; Owens, J.; Bell, A.; Siddell, J.; Harper, G.; Hayes, B.; Daetwyler, H.; Usmar, J.; Goddard, M.; Henshall, J.; Dominik, S.; Brewer, H.; Van Der Werf, J.; Nicholas, F.; Warner, R.; Hofmyer, C.; et al.
2012Pig-shed air polluted by α-haemolytic cocci and ammonia causes subclinical disease and production lossesMurphy, T.; Cargill, C.; Rutley, D.; Stott, P.
2012Susceptibility of juvenile European lobster Homarus gammarus to shrimp products infected with high and low doses of white spot syndrome virusBateman, K.; Munro, J.; Uglow, B.; Small, H.; Stentiford, G.
2012Recovery of Salmonella from eggshell wash, eggshell crush, and egg internal contents of unwashed commercial shell eggs in AustraliaChousalkar, K.; Roberts, J.
2012Comparative approach to understanding traumatic injury in the immature, postnatal brain of domestic animalsFinnie, J.
2012Fluoroquinolone-resistant extraintestinal Escherichia coli clinical isolates representing the O15:K52:H1 clonal group from humans and dogs in AustraliaPlatell, J.; Cobbold, R.; Johnson, J.; Clabots, C.; Trott, D.