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2017Hair cortisol and its potential value as a physiological measure of stress response in human and non-human animalsBurnard, C.; Ralph, C.; Hynd, P.; Hocking Edwards, J.; Tilbrook, A.
2017Axonal spheroids in ovine neuroaxonal dystrophy are immunopositive to kinesin and dyneinFinnie, J.; Manavis, J.
2017Gradually reducing sow contact in lactation is beneficial for piglet welfare around weaningde Ruyter, E.; van Wetter, W.; Lines, D.; Plush, K.
2017An alternative experimental case-control design for genetic association studies on bovine mastitisBiffani, S.; Del Corvo, M.; Capoferri, R.; Pedretti, A.; Luini, M.; Williams, J.; Pagnacco, G.; Minvielle, F.; Minozzi, G.
2017Electro-analgesia for sheep husbandry practices: a reviewHynd, P.
2017Current and future antimicrobial resistance issues for the Australian pig industryAbraham, S.; O'Dea, M.; Page, S.; Trott, D.
2017Clinical responses and reproductive outcomes in pregnant ewes experimentally infected with bovine viral diarrhoea virus (type-1c) between days 59 and 69 of gestationEvans, C.; Reichel, M.; Hemmatzadeh, F.; Cockcroft, P.
2017The effect of commercial, natural and grape seed extract supplemented diets on gene expression signatures and survival of greenlip abalone (Haliotis laevigata) during heat stressShiel, B.; Hall, N.; Cooke, I.; Robinson, N.; Stone, D.; Strugnell, J.
2017Infection programs sustained lymphoid stromal cell responses and shapes lymph node remodeling upon secondary challengeGregory, J.; Walter, A.; Alexandre, Y.; Hor, J.; Liu, R.; Ma, J.; Devi, S.; Tokuda, N.; Owada, Y.; Mackay, L.; Smyth, G.; Heath, W.; Mueller, S.
2017Antimicrobial prescribing in dogs and cats in Australia: results of the Australasian Infectious Disease Advisory Panel surveyHardefeldt, L.; Holloway, S.; Trott, D.; Shipstone, M.; Barrs, V.; Malik, R.; Burrows, M.; Armstrong, S.; Browning, G.; Stevenson, M.