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2019In vitro antimicrobial activity of narasin and monensin in combination with adjuvants against pathogens associated with canine otitis externaChan, W.Y.; Hickey, E.E.; Khazandi, M.; Page, S.W.; Trott, D.J.; Hill, P.B.
2019Lactobacillus fermentum PS150 showed psychotropic properties by altering serotonergic pathway during stressLiu, Y.; Ong, J.; Gan, C.; Khoo, B.; Yahaya, S.; Choi, S.; Low, W.; Tsai, Y.; Liong, M.
2019Addressing challenges in providing a reliable ecotoxicology data for graphene-oxide (GO) using an algae (Raphidocelis subcapitata), and the trophic transfer consequence of GO-algae aggregatesMarkovic, M.; Andelkovic, I.; Shuster, J.; Janik, L.; Kumar, A.; Losic, D.; McLaughlin, M.J.
2019The effects of developmental programming upon neonatal mortalityPerry, V.; Copping, K.; Miguel-Pacheco, G.; Hernandez-Medrano, J.
2019A heritable subset of the core rumen microbiome dictates dairy cow productivity and emissionsJohn Wallace, R.; Sasson, G.; Garnsworthy, P.; Tapio, I.; Gregson, E.; Bani, P.; Huhtanen, P.; Bayat, A.; Strozzi, F.; Biscarini, F.; Snelling, T.; Saunders, N.; Potterton, S.; Craigon, J.; Minuti, A.; Trevisi, E.; Callegari, M.; Cappelli, F.; Cabezas-Garcia, E.; Vilkki, J.; et al.
2019Chromosome-level assembly of the water buffalo genome surpasses human and goat genomes in sequence contiguityLow, W.; Tearle, R.; Bickhart, D.; Rosen, B.; Kingan, S.; Swale, T.; Thibaud-Nissen, F.; Murphy, T.; Young, R.; lefevre, L.; Hume, D.; Collins, A.; Ajmone-Marsan, P.; Smith, T.; Williams, J.
2019Use of dog restraints in vehicles in the US, UK, and AustraliaHazel, S.; Montrose, T.; Kogan, L.; Oxley, J.; Annual Internationsal Society for Anthrozoology Conference: Animals in the Public Eye (ISAZ) (01 Jul 2019 - 04 Jul 2019 : Orlando, Florida)
2018At-hatch administration of probiotic to chickens can introduce beneficial changes in gut microbiotaBaldwin, S.; Hughes, R.; Van, T.; Moore, R.; Stanley, D.
2018Structural-based designed modular capsomere comprising HA1 for low-cost poultry influenza vaccinationWaneesorn, J.; Wibowo, N.; Bingham, J.; Middelberg, A.; Lua, L.
2018BVDV in Australian alpacas: natural infection and clinical profiles following co-mingling with a persistently infected heiferEvans, C.; Erregger, E.; Hemmatzadeh, F.; Cockcroft, P.
2018Anaesthetic and cardiorespiratory effects of ketamine plus dexmedetomidine for chemical restraint in black capuchin monkeys (Sapajus nigritus)Chagas, J.; Pereira Santos, L.; Silva Filho, J.; Bondan, C.
2018Characterisation of Staphylococcus felis isolated from cats using whole genome sequencingWorthing, K.; Pang, S.; Trott, D.; Abraham, S.; Coombs, G.; Jordan, D.; McIntyre, L.; Davies, M.; Norris, J.
2018Qac genes and biocide tolerance in clinical veterinary methicillin-resistant and methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus pseudintermediusWorthing, K.; Marcus, A.; Abraham, S.; Trott, D.; Norris, J.
2018Enrichment in the sucker and weaner phase altered the performance of pigs in three behavioural testsRalph, C.; Hebart, M.; Cronin, G.
2018Predator exposure improves anti-predator responses in a threatened mammalWest, R.; Letnic, M.; Blumstein, D.; Moseby, K.
2018Vitamin A and marbling attributes: intramuscular fat hyperplasia effects in cattleKruk, Z.; Bottema, M.; Reyes-Veliz, L.; Forder, R.; Pitchford, W.; Bottema, C.
2018A long-term efficacy trial of a live, attenuated Salmonella Typhimurium vaccine in layer hensMcWhorter, A.; Chousalkar, K.
2018Accuracy of imputation of single-nucleotide polymorphism marker genotypes for water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) using different reference population sizes and imputation toolsGhoreishifar, S.; Moradi-Shahrbabak, H.; Moradi-Shahrbabak, M.; Nicolazzi, E.; Williams, J.; Iamartino, D.; Nejati-Javaremi, A.
2018Seroprevalence of antibodies to Pestivirus infections in South Australian sheep flocksEvans, C.; Lanyon, S.; O Handley, R.; Reichel, M.; Cockcroft, P.
2018Pre-pregnancy dietary carbohydrate quantity and quality, and risk of developing gestational diabetes: the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's HealthLooman, M.; Schoenaker, D.A.; Soedamah-Muthu, S.S.; Geelen, A.; Feskens, E.J.; Mishra, G.D.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 1295