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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Present, Past and Future of Glass art and science exhibitionRadionova, A.
2023Chronological constraint of Neanderthal cultural and environmental changes in southwestern Europe: MIS 5-MIS 3 dating of the Axlor site (Biscay, Spain)Demuro, M.; Arnold, L.J.; González-Urquijo, J.; Lazuen, T.; Frochoso, M.
2023Experimental and computational characterisation of an artificial light harvesting complexSlimani, S.L.; Kostecki, R.; Kursunlu, A.N.; Kee, T.W.; Tapping, P.C.; Mak, A.M.; Quach, J.Q.
2023Investigation of refractive index dynamics during in vitro embryo development using off-axis digital holographic microscopyDwapanyin, G.O.; Chow, D.J.X.; Tan, T.C.Y.; Dubost, N.S.; Morizet, J.M.; Dunning, K.R.; Dholakia, K.
2023Mode-Locked and Tunable 3.5 µM Fiber Laser Using an Acousto-Optic ModulatorHenderson-Sapir, O.; Bawden, N.; Theodosiou, A.; Majewski, M.R.; Kalli, K.; Jackson, S.D.; Ottaway, D.J.
2023Optical transport over millimeter distances of a microscopic particle using a novel all-fiber Bessel-like beam generatorLee, H.; Lee, M.; Lee, H.J.; Yoon, J.; Dholakia, K.; Oh, K.
2023High-Speed Optical Mode Switch in Lithium Niobate on InsulatorJiang, Y.; Han, X.; Li, Y.; Xiao, H.; Huang, H.; Zhang, P.; Dubey, A.; Yuan, M.; Nguyen, T.G.; Boes, A.; Li, Y.; Ren, G.; Xue, J.; Hao, Q.; Su, Y.; Mitchell, A.; Tian, Y.
2023Label-free DNA quantification using isothermal amplification on an exposed core optical fiber microfluidic platformLi, X.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Nguyen, L.V.; Zhou, X.; Warren-Smith, S.C.
2023Subwavelength Grating-Assisted Contra-Directional Couplers in Lithium Niobate on InsulatorHan, X.; Jiang, Y.; Xiao, H.; Yuan, M.; Nguyen, T.G.; Boes, A.; Ren, G.; Zhang, Y.; Hao, Q.; Su, Y.; Mitchell, A.; Tian, Y.
2023Lithium niobate photonics: Unlocking the electromagnetic spectrumBoes, A.; Chang, L.; Langrock, C.; Yu, M.; Zhang, M.; Lin, Q.; Lončar, M.; Fejer, M.; Bowers, J.; Mitchell, A.
2023Correlated twin-photon generation in a silicon nitride loaded thin film PPLN waveguideHenry, A.; Barral, D.; Zaquine, I.; Boes, A.; Mitchell, A.; Belabas, N.; Bencheikh, K.
2023Ridge waveguide couplers with leaky mode resonator-like wavelength responsesSchoenhardt, S.; Boes, A.; Nguyen, T.G.; Mitchell, A.
2023In vitro and in vivo evaluation of diethyldithiocarbamate with copper ions and its liposomal formulation for the treatment of Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilmsKaul, L.; Abdo, A.I.; Coenye, T.; Swift, S.; Zannettino, A.; Süss, R.; Richter, K.
2023Exploring Photoswitchable Binding Interactions with Small Molecule- and Peptide-Based Inhibitors of TrypsinPalasis, K.; Peddie, V.; Turner, D.; Zhang, X.; Yu, J.; Abell, A.D.
2023Nanoporous anodic alumina-based iontronics: fundamentals and applicationsWang, J.; Vu, K.N.; Abell, A.D.; Santos, A.; Law, C.S.
2023Experimental and Theoretical Study of Dynamic Polarizabilities in the 5S1/2–5D5/2 Clock Transition in Rubidium-87 and Determination of Electric Dipole Matrix ElementsHamilton, R.; Roberts, B.M.; Scholten, S.K.; Locke, C.; Luiten, A.N.; Ginges, J.S.M.; Perrella, C.
2023Multimode Waveguide Bends in Lithium Niobate on InsulatorMa, M.; Yuan, M.; Zhou, X.; Xiao, H.; Cao, P.; Cheng, L.; Nguyen, T.G.; Boes, A.; Ren, G.; Su, Y.; Mitchell, A.; Tian, Y.
2023Multiple beam coherent combination via an optical ring resonatorBode, N.; Holmes, Z.; Ng, S.; vonBehren, B.; Ottaway, D.; Willke, B.
2023Low‐cost technologies in a rich ecological context: Hotel California open‐air site at Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, SpainSantamaría, M.; Navazo, M.; Arnold, L.J.; Benito‐Calvo, A.; Demuro, M.; Carbonell, E.
2023Saos-2 cells cultured under hypoxia rapidly differentiate to an osteocyte-like stage and support intracellular infection by Staphylococcus aureus.Zelmer, A.R.; Starczak, Y.; Solomon, L.B.; Richter, K.; Yang, D.; Atkins, G.J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1289