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2013High-precision optical-frequency dissemination on branching optical-fiber networksSchediwy, S.; Gozzard, D.; Baldwin, K.; Orr, B.; Warrington, R.; Aben, G.; Luiten, A.
2015Hermetic optical-fiber iodine frequency standardLight, P.; Anstie, J.; Benabid, F.; Luiten, A.
2005Long-distance frequency dissemination with a resolution of 10‾¹⁷Daussy, C.; Lopez, O.; Amy-Klein, A.; Goncharov, A.; Guinet, M.; Chardonnet, C.; Narbonneau, F.; Lours, M.; Chambon, D.; Bize, S.; Clairon, A.; Santarelli, G.; Tobar, M.; Luiten, A.
2006Optical frequency synthesis from a cryogenic microwave sapphire oscillatorMcFerran, J.; Dawkins, S.; Stanwix, P.; Tobar, M.; Luiten, A.
2011Testing Lorentz invariance using an odd-parity asymmetric optical resonatorBaynes, F.; Luiten, A.; Tobar, M.
2013High-efficiency cross-phase modulation in a gas-filled waveguidePerrella, C.; Light, P.; Anstie, J.; Benabid, F.; Stace, T.; White, A.; Luiten, A.
2013Optimum design of a high-Q room-temperature Whispering-Gallery-mode x-band sapphire resonatorHartnett, J.; Tobar, M.; Ivanov, E.; Luiten, A.
2011Colloquium: Comparison of astrophysical and terrestrial frequency standardsHartnett, J.; Luiten, A.
1999Quantum projection noise in an atomic fountain: a high stability cesium frequency standardSantarelli, G.; Laurent, P.; Lemonde, P.; Clairon, A.; Mann, A.; Chang, S.; Luiten, A.; Salomon, C.
2013High-resolution two-photon spectroscopy of rubidium within a confined geometryPerrella, C.; Light, P.; Anstie, J.; Stace, T.; Benabid, F.; Luiten, A.