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2011Feasibility investigation of exposed-core fiber for methadone sensing in biological fluidsPalmisano, T.; Prudenzano, F.; De Sario, M.; Mescia, L.; Warren-Smith, S.; Monro, T.; International Workshop on Medical Measurements and Applications (2011 : Bari, Italy)
2014Sensitivity improvements of exposed-core microstructured optical fibre Bragg grating refractive index sensorsWarren-Smith, S.C.; Monro, T.M.; 23rd International Conference on Optical Fibre Sensors (02 Jun 2014 - 06 Jun 2014 : Santander, Spain)
2011Aggregation and host-guest interactions in dansyl-substituted poly(acrylate)s in the presence of β-cyclodextrin and a β-cyclodextrin dimer in aqueous solution: a UV-vis, fluorescence, ¹H NMR, and rheological studyWang, J.; Pham, D.T.; Kee, T.; Clafton, S.; Guo, X.; Clements, P.; Lincoln, S.; Prud'homme, R.; Easton, C.
2010Injection mode-locked, Q-switched Nd:YAG laser at 1319 nmSimakov, N.; Hosken, D.; Hamilton, M.; Munch, J.; Veitch, P.
2014The carbon inventory in a quiescent, filamentary molecular cloud in G328Burton, M.; Ashley, M.; Braiding, C.; Storey, J.; Kulesa, C.; Hollenbach, D.; Wolfire, M.; Gluck, C.; Rowell, G.
2016Bidirectional communication between cumulus cells and the oocyte: old hands and new players?Russell, D.; Gilchrist, R.; Brown, H.; Thompson, J.
2018Periconception onset diabetes is associated with embryopathy and fetal growth retardation, reproductive tract hyperglycosylation and impaired immune adaptation to pregnancyBrown, H.; Green, E.; Tan, T.; Gonzalez, M.; Rumbold, A.; Hull, M.; Norman, R.; Packer, N.; Robertson, S.; Thompson, J.
2016Ectrodactyly and lethal pulmonary acinar dysplasia associated with homozygous FGFR2 mutations identified by exome sequencingBarnett, C.; Nataren, N.; Klingler-Hoffmann, M.; Schwarz, Q.; Chong, C.; Lee, Y.; Bruno, D.; Lipsett, J.; Mcphee, A.; Schreiber, A.; Feng, J.; Hahn, C.; Scott, H.
2012Metabolic differences in bovine cumulus-oocyte complexes matured in vitro in the presence or absence of follicle-stimulating hormone and bone morphogenetic protein 15McDowall, M.; Mottershead, D.; Gardner, D.; Gilchrist, R.; Thompson, J.
2013A fiber tip label free biological sensing platform for in vivo applicationsFrançois, A.; Rowland, K.; Monro, T.; Photonics West, BIOS (2013 : San Francisco, California)