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2018Structures, bioactivities and future prospective of polysaccharides from Morus alba (white mulberry): A reviewHe, X.; Fang, J.; Ruan, Y.; Wang, X.; Sun, Y.; Wu, N.; Zhao, Z.; Chang, Y.; Ning, N.; Guo, H.; Huang, L.
2016Enhanced pump absorption of active fiber components with skew raysChen, G.; Codemard, C.; Zervas, M.; Monro, T.; Lancaster, D.
2013Interconversion of the peptide isoforms of aspartate: stability of isoaspartatesHooi, M.; Raftery, M.; Truscott, R.
2016Cyclic enecarbamates as precursors of α,β-unsaturated iminium ions: reactivity and synthesis of 6,6-spirocyclic ring systemsWang, Z.; Krogsgaard-Larsen, N.; Daniels, B.; Furkert, D.; Brimble, M.
2009Multi-wavelength, rapidly swept continuous-wave cavity ringdown spectroscopy, applied to sensing of greenhouse gasesOrr, Brian J.; He, Yabai; Kan, Ruifeng; Englich, Florian Viktor; Liu, Wenqing; Australasian Conference on Optics, Lasers and Spectroscopy (2009 : Adelaide, Australia)
2009Small core optical waveguides are more nonlinear than expected: experimental confirmationAfshar Vahid, S.; Zhang, W.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Monro, T.
2009Multi-wavelength sensing of greenhouse gases by rapidly swept continuous-wave cavity ringdown spectroscopyHe, Yabai; Kan, Ruifeng; Englich, Florian Viktor; Liu, Wenqing; Orr, Brian J.; CLEO/IQEC 09 (2009 : Baltimore, Maryland)
2012Absorption and thermal issuesWillems, Phil; Ottaway, David J.; Beyersdorf, P.
2010Coherent heterodyne-assisted pulsed spectroscopy: sub-Doppler two-photon spectra of krypton, characterizing a tunable nonlinear-optical ultraviolet light sourceHe, Y.; Kono, M.; White, R.; Sellars, M.; Baldwin, K.; Orr, B.
2012Extended VHE γ-ray emission towards SGR1806-20 and stellar cluster C1 1806-20Rowell, Gavin Peter; Naurois, Mathieu De; Atai, Arache Djannati; Gallant, Yves A.; H.E.S.S. Collaboration; International Meeting on High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy (5th : Heidelberg, Germany : 9-13 July 2012)