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2009Few-mode operation in multimode fiber couplersClohessy, A. M.; Healy, Noel; Murphy, Dominic F.; Hussey, Conleth D.; Photonics Ireland (2009 : Cork, Ireland)
1997Combined temperature strain discrimination in optical fibre sensorsMurphy, Dominic F.; Flavin, Donal A.; Internet of Things Conference (1997 : Sligo, Ireland)
2006Low-loss non-linear fibre couplers for optical regenerationHealy, Noel; Cuenot, Benjamin; Murphy, Dominic F.; Hussey, Conleth D.; Ellis, Amanda V.; International Symposium on Materials and Devices for Nonlinear Optics (2006 : Kerry, Ireland)
2009Non-mechanically scanned DFTSMurphy, Dominic F.; Flavin, Donal A.; OSA Advances in Imaging Optics & Photonics Congress (FTS) (2009 : Vancouver, Canada)
2012Analysis of glass flow during extrusion of optical fiber preformsEbendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Monro, T.
2007Adiabatic dilated standard and speciality optical fibresHealy, Noel; Murphy, Dominic F.; O Brien, E.; Hussey, Conleth D.; Photonics Ireland (2007 : Galway, Ireland)
2005Small diameter nano- and micro-wire tapers in single mode fibreClohessy, A. M.; Healy, Noel; Murphy, Dominic F.; Hussey, Conleth D.; IEEE/LEOS Workshop on Fibres and Optical Passive Components (4th: 2005 : Palermo, Italy)
2004Slope-matched dispersion-compensating photonic crystal fibreMangan, Brian J.; Couny, Francois; Farr, Lance; Langford, Alan; Roberts, P. John.; Williams, David P.; Banham, Matthew; Mason, Matt W.; Murphy, Dominic F.; Brown, Elsa A. M.; Sabert, Hendrik; Birks, Tim A.; Knight, Jonathan C.; Russell, Philip St. J.; Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) (2004 : San Francisco, USA); CLEO/IQEC 2004
2003Simultaneous measurement of group delay, first- and second-order dispersion of lightwave materials by tandem interferometryRothwell, J. H.; Murphy, Dominic F.; Flavin, Donal A.; International Conference on Optical Fiber Sensors (16th : 2003 : Mara, Japan); OFS-16
2002Spatially-scanned interferometric wavelength measurement for fibre Bragg gratingsMurphy, Dominic F.; Flavin, Donal A.; McBride, R.; Jones, J. D. C.; SPIE regional meeting, Opto-Ireland (2002 : Galway, Ireland)