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Type: Creative work
Title: Dance for the Daughters of Eve
Author: Crossin, C.
Publisher Place: Adelaide, South Australia
Issue Date: 2004
Composer: Crossin, Carl Bryce David
Description: Instruments: 3 female soloists, harp, vibraphone, double bass and percussion Extent: 6.5 minutes This piece was premiered in 2003 at Grainger Studio (Adelaide Symphonie Orchestra), Adelaide, Australia. Performed by the Eve Vocal Trio featuring Emma Horwood (soprano and harp), Greta Bradman (soprano) and Christie Anderson (mezzo-soprano) along with Steven Peterka on vibraphone, Harley Gray on double bass, and Phillip Hall on percussion. The composition was commissioned by the Eve Vocal Trio. The performance was recorded and published as a CD. Details: EveSong (2004) HBP Eve 2004 001.
RMID: 0020085233
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