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1976Barley in South Australia / Barry J. MarshallMarshall, Barry J.
1969Biology and control of Austroicetes cruciata, the small plague grasshopper, 1966-68 / by P.R. Birks, J.W. GoodeBirks, P. R.; Goode, J. W.
1969The biology of Desiantha caudata, Pasc., (fam. Curculionidae), the cereal curculio / P.G. AllenAllen, P. G. (Peter Gordon), 1941-
1973The biology of Sitona species with particular reference to S. humeralis / J. MouldenMoulden, Jane
1977Botanical composition and productivity of five grazed pastures on Kangaroo Island / [by] P.R. GibsonGibson, P. R. (Peter Ridley)
1973Breeding perennial grasses for South Australia : with special reference to Fescue Arundinaces Schreb. (tall fescue) / Gavin W. LawtonLawton, G.W.
1975Bushfire control plan : a report on the nature of the risks, hazards and desirable control measures of bushfires and other fires within and adjacent to the area of land under the control of the Monarto Development Commission at Monarto, South Australia / compiled for the Bushfire Research Committee by B.J. FrancisFrancis, B. J.
1971Cereal responses to nitrogen fertilisers & herbicide treatments on skeleton weed infested land in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia / R. McR. WoodWood, R. M.
1976Certified pasture seed : average yield per grower per property per year, 1966-1976 / compiled by J. BirrellBirrell, J.
1971Cloud seeding operations - 1968 / J.D. McAuliffe, D.W. KiddMcAuliffe, J. D.; Kidd, D. W.
1978The control of private development in rural areas of South Australia / [by] Murray V. Smith and Ian R. LewisSmith, Murray V.; Lewis, Ian R.
1974Coping with change : a report on the Branch Conference, 1st-4th April, 1974 / compiled by N.R. Matz, D.E. SwincerMatz, N. R. (Noel Robert); Swincer, Don, 1949-; Agronomy Branch Conference (1974 : Adelaide, S. Aust)
1975Data bank and gene preservation in annual species of the genus Medicago L. / E.J. CrawfordCrawford, E. J.
1972DDT analysis of oat samples from the upper South East of South Australia / P.R. Birks, Y.P. Lim, R.B. JenkinsBirks, P. R.; Lim, Y. P.; Jenkins, R. B.
1972The distribution and weediness of African daisy (Senecio pterophorus) in South Africa / A.F. TidemanTideman, A. F.
1971Dryland lucerne research and extension in N.S.W. and A.C.T - 1970 / by M.V. SmithSmith, Murray V.
1969The extension programme for hill country improvement in South Australia : progress report 1966-1968 / J.D. McAuliffe, C. PhillipsMcAuliffe, J. D.; Phillips, C. (Campbell)
1969Farmer experiences with the Econ fodder roller in the Lower South East of South Australia / R.C. HagerstromHagerstrom, R. C. (Robert Conrad)
1980Field Crop Agronomy Workshop : held at Turretfield Research Centre, 8-9th November, 1979 : workshop papersField Crop Agronomy Workshop (1979 : Turretfield Research Centre)
1970Field day on utilisation of dryland lucerne pastures, Kynoch Station, via Keith, South Australia / M.V. SmithSmith, Murray V.