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1971Cereal responses to nitrogen fertilisers & herbicide treatments on skeleton weed infested land in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia / R. McR. WoodWood, R. M.
1976Certified pasture seed : average yield per grower per property per year, 1966-1976 / compiled by J. BirrellBirrell, J.
1971Cloud seeding operations - 1968 / J.D. McAuliffe, D.W. KiddMcAuliffe, J. D.; Kidd, D. W.
1978The control of private development in rural areas of South Australia / [by] Murray V. Smith and Ian R. LewisSmith, Murray V.; Lewis, Ian R.
1974Coping with change : a report on the Branch Conference, 1st-4th April, 1974 / compiled by N.R. Matz, D.E. SwincerMatz, N. R. (Noel Robert); Swincer, Don, 1949-; Agronomy Branch Conference (1974 : Adelaide, S. Aust)
1975Data bank and gene preservation in annual species of the genus Medicago L. / E.J. CrawfordCrawford, E. J.
1972DDT analysis of oat samples from the upper South East of South Australia / P.R. Birks, Y.P. Lim, R.B. JenkinsBirks, P. R.; Lim, Y. P.; Jenkins, R. B.
1972The distribution and weediness of African daisy (Senecio pterophorus) in South Africa / A.F. TidemanTideman, A. F.
1971Dryland lucerne research and extension in N.S.W. and A.C.T - 1970 / by M.V. SmithSmith, Murray V.
1969The extension programme for hill country improvement in South Australia : progress report 1966-1968 / J.D. McAuliffe, C. PhillipsMcAuliffe, J. D.; Phillips, C. (Campbell)
1969Farmer experiences with the Econ fodder roller in the Lower South East of South Australia / R.C. HagerstromHagerstrom, R. C. (Robert Conrad)
1980Field Crop Agronomy Workshop : held at Turretfield Research Centre, 8-9th November, 1979 : workshop papersField Crop Agronomy Workshop (1979 : Turretfield Research Centre)
1970Field day on utilisation of dryland lucerne pastures, Kynoch Station, via Keith, South Australia / M.V. SmithSmith, Murray V.
1971Frost damage in cereals, 1970 / K.G. BicknellBicknell, K. G.; Fairbrother, P. D. (Peter D.); Gross, F. C. (Frederick Cecil); Agronomy Branch Conference (1970 : Adelaide, S. Aust)
1972Grasses / by P.M. Kloot and J.H. DawesKloot, Peter Michael; Dawes, J. H.
1977Harvesting methods for seedmaster phalaris seed crops / [by] K.G. Boyce [and] W.O. ColemanBoyce, K. G.; Coleman, W. O.
1977Harvesting of medic seed / [by] K.G. Boyce [and] C.A. SchubertBoyce, K. G.; Schubert, C. A.
1970HCB residues in wheat / P.R. GunnerGunner, P. R.
1974Herbage seed production : 1973-74 season / by D.C. RaglessRagless, David
1975Herbage seed production : 1974-75 season / by G.E. CooperCooper, G.E.