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2016Home range, habitat suitability and population modelling of feral Indian peafowl (Pavo cristatus) on Kangaroo Island, South AustraliaCunningham, C.; Prowse, T.; Masters, P.; Cassey, P.
2015Sequence variation of koala retrovirus transmembrane protein p15E among koalas from different geographic regionsIshida, Y.; McCallister, C.; Nikolaidis, N.; Tsangaras, K.; Helgen, K.; Greenwood, A.; Roca, A.
2018Predicting sustainable shark harvests when stock assessments are lackingBradshaw, C.; Prowse, T.; Drew, M.; Gillanders, B.; Donnellan, S.; Huveneers, C.
2017Flight metabolic rate of Locusta migratoria in relation to oxygen partial pressure in atmospheres of varying diffusivity and densitySnelling, E.; Duncker, R.; Jones, K.; Fagan-Jeffries, E.; Seymour, R.
2017Caribbean Myotis (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae), with description of a new species from Trinidad and TobagoMoratelli, R.; Wilson, D.E.; Ovaes, R.L.; Helgen, K.M.; Gutierrez, E.E.
2015Selection and interpretation of diagnostic tests in aquaculture biosecurityCaraguel, C.; Gardner, I.; Hammell, L.
2018Random and systematic sampling error when hooking fish to monitor skin fluke (Benedenia seriolae) and gill fluke (Zeuxapta seriolae) burden in Australian farmed yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi)Fensham, J.; Bubner, E.; D'Antignana, T.; Landos, M.; Caraguel, C.
2018Promotion of cell growth and adhesion of a peptide hydrogel scaffold via mTOR/cadherin signalingWei, G.; Wang, L.; Dong, D.; Teng, Z.; Shi, Z.; Wang, K.; An, G.; Guan, Y.; Han, B.; Yao, M.; Xian, C.
2019Hidden in plain sight: reassessment of the pig-footed bandicoot, Chaeropus ecaudatus (Peramelemorphia, Chaeropodidae), with a description of a new species from central Australia, and use of the fossil record to trace its past distributionTravouillon, K.; Simões, B.; Miguez, R.; Brace, S.; Brewer, P.; Stemmer, D.; Price, G.; Cramb, J.; Louys, J.
2016A new blue-tailed Monitor lizard (Reptilia, Squamata, Varanus) of the Varanus indicus group from Mussau Island, Papua New GuineaWeijola, V.; Donnellan, S.; Lindqvist, C.