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2017Taxonomy of Paraplatyarthrus Javidkar and King (Isopoda: Oniscidea: Paraplatyarthridae) with description of five new species from Western Australia, and comments on Australian Trichorhina Budde-Lunde, 1908 (Platyarthridae)Javidkar, M.; King, R.; Cooper, S.; Humphreys, W.; Austin, A.
2014Transitions during cephalopod life history: the role of habitat, environment, functional morphology and behaviourRobin, J.P.; Roberts, M.; Zeidberg, L.; Bloor, I.; Rodriguez, A.; Briceño, F.; Downey, N.; Mascaro, M.; Navarro, M.; Guerra, A.; Hofmeister, J.; Barcellos, D.D.; Lourenço, S.A.; Roper, C.F.; Moltschaniwskyj, N.A.; Green, C.P.; Mather, J.
2013Anaplasma phagocytophilum infection in American robins and gray catbirds: an assessment of reservoir competence and disease in captive wildlifeJohnston, E.; Tsao, J.; Muñoz, J.; Owen, J.
2016Molecular and morphological phylogenetics of chelonine parasitoid wasps (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), with a critical assessment of divergence time estimationsKittel, R.; Austin, A.; Klopfstein, S.
2016Patterns of postnatal ontogeny of the skull and lower jaw of snakes as revealed by micro-CT scan data and three-dimensional geometric morphometricsPalci, A.; Lee, M.; Hutchinson, M.
1996Book review. P. Munawar, P. Change, G. Dave, D. Malley, S. Munawar and R. Xiu (eds). Aquatic Ecosystems of China: Environmental and Toxicological Assessment.Williams, William David
1996Antifouling activity of lyso-platelet activating factor extracted from Australian sponge Crella incrustansButler, Alan J.; van Altena, I.; Dunne, S. J.
1997The analysis of nitrate in highly saline watersGhassemzadeh, Fereshteh; Sherwood, J.; Geddes, Michael Charles; Williams, William David
1995The role of skylight polarization in the orientation of a day-migrating bird speciesMunro, U.; Wiltschko, R.
1996Determining effects of an oil spill on fish communities in a mangrove-seagrass ecosystem in southern Australia.Connolly, R. M.; Jones, G. K.