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1998Family descriptionsDuckhouse, D. A.
1998Challenges in managing dryland rivers crossing political boundaries: lessons from Cooper Creek and the Paroo River, Central AustraliaKingsford, Richard; Boulton, Andrew J.; Puckridge, James Terence
1995Effects of removal of seagrass canopy on assemblages of small motile invertebratesConnolly, Roderick Martin
1997Inexpensive and portable sampler for collecting eggs of free-spawning marine invertebrates underwaterStyan, Craig A.
1997Genetic evidence for contrasting patterns of dispersal in solitary and colonial ascidiansAyre, A. J.; David, A. R.; Billingham, M. R.; Llorens, T.; Styan, C.
1995Determination of orthophosphate in highly saline watersSherwood, John Edwin; Kokkinn, Michael J.; Williams, William David
1998Scanning electron microscope studies of rugosities, cuticular microstructures of taxonomic significance of the Australian amphipod family Neoniphargidae (amphipoda)Bradbury, M. R.; Bradbury, John Hugh; Williams, William David
1996The response of Aporrectodea rosea and Aporrectodea trapezoides (Oligochaeta: Lubricidae) to moisture gradients in three soil types in the laboratoryDoube, B. M.; Styan, C.
1995Tissue accumulation and the moult cycle in juveniles of the Australian Freshwater Crayfish Cherax destructorMusgrove, R.; Geddes, Michael Charles
1997Differences in composition of small, motile invertebrate assemblages from seagrass and unvegetated habitats in a southern Australian estuaryConnolly, R. M.