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1998Changes in the structure and function of biological communities in the Aral Sea, with particular reference to the northern part (Small Aral Sea), 1985-1995: A reviewAladin, N. V.; Filippov, A. A.; Plotnikov, I. S.; Orlova, M. I.; Williams, William David
1998Sampling juvenile Penaeus latsiculatus Kishinouye with a water-jet net compared with a beam-trawl: spatial and temporal variation and nursery areas in Gulf St Vincent, South AustraliaKangas, M. I.; Jackson, W. B.
1995Correlations between weather and recruitment of Nassarius pauperatus, an intertidal gastropod with a planktotrophic larval stageMcKillup, S. C.; Butler, Alan J.; McKillup, R. V.
1995Lake Corangamite, a permanent salt lake, Australia: conservation and management issuesWilliams, William David
1996The effect of shelters on the growth and mortality of juvenile marron.Ingerson, Tara
1996The encrusting sponge Halisarca laxus: population genetics and association with the ascidian Pyura spiniferaDavis, Andrew Randall; Ayre, David John; Billingham, M. R.; Styan, Craig A.; White, G. A.
1998In Vivo muscle force-length behavior during steady-speed hopping in tammar wallabiesBiewener, Andrew A.; Konieczynski, D. D.; Baudinette, Russell Victor
1996Postnatal development of the lung parenchyma in a marsupial: the Tammar wallabyRunciman, Susann I. C.; Baudinette, Russell Victor; Gannon, B. J.
1997Development of the pouch young from birth to pouch vacationJanssens, P. A.; Hulbert, A. J.; Baudinette, Russell Victor
1996Adaptive changes in trabecular architecture in relation to functional strain patterns and disuseBiewener, Andrew A.; Fazzalari, Nicola L.; Konieczynski, D. D.; Baudinette, Russell Victor