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2005Meta-analysis of controlled trials of ventilator therapy in acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome: an alternative perspectiveMoran, J.; Bersten, A.; Solomon, P.
2005Effect of social networks on 10 year survival in very old Australians: the Australian longitudinal study of agingGiles, L.; Glonek, G.; Luszcz, M.; Andrews, G.
1997Parameter orthogonality in mixed regression models for survival dataHutton, J.; Solomon, P.
2005Expression profiling reveals functionally important genes and coordinately regulated signaling pathway genes during in vitro angiogenesisHahn, C.; Su, Z.; Drogemuller, C.; Tsykin, A.; Waterman, S.; Brautigan, P.; Yu, S.; Kremmidiotis, G.; Gardner, A.; Solomon, P.; Goodall, G.; Vadas, M.; Gamble, J.
2005Assessment of outcome over a 10-year period of patients admitted to a multidisciplinary adult intensive care unit with haematological and solid tumoursMoran, J.; Solomon, P.; Williams, P.
1995Parenteral magnesium sulfate versus amiodarone in the therapy of atrial tachyarhythmias: A prospective randomized studyMoran, J.; Gallagher, J.; Peake, S.; Cunningham, D.; Salagaras, M.; Leppard, P.
1996Response to discussion of `AIDS: modelling and predicting' by N.E. Day.Solomon, P.
1996AIDS: Modelling and Predicting.Solomon, P.
1998Minimal residual disease in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia quantified by aspirate and trephine: is the disease multifocal?Sykes, P.; Brisco, M.; Hughes, E.; Snell, L.; Dolman, G.; Neoh, S.; Peng, L.; Toogood, I.; Venables, W.; Morley, A.
1998Review of the Encyclopedia of Biostatistics, editors Armitage, P. Colton, T.Solomon, P.