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2011Magnesium transport across the blood-brain barriersGhabriel, M.; Vink, R.
2011A morphometric analysis of the septal nuclei in schizophrenia and affective disorders: reduced neuronal density in the lateral septal nucleus in bipolar disorderBrisch, R.; Bertstein, H.; Dobrowolny, H.; Krell, D.; Stauch, R.; Trubner, K.; Steiner, J.; Ghabriel, M.; Bielau, H.; Wolf, R.; Winter, J.; Kropf, S.; Gos, T.; Bogerts, B.
2013NK1 receptor antagonists and dexamethasone as anticancer agents in vitro and in a model of brain tumours secondary to breast cancerLewis, K.; Harford-Wright, E.; Vink, R.; Ghabriel, M.
2004A narrow time-window for access to the brain by exogenous protein after immunological targeting of a blood-brain barrier antigenGhabriel, M.; Lu, J.; Tadros, R.; Hermanis, G.
2000Immunological targeting of the endothelial barrier antigen (EBA) in vivo leads to opening of the blood-brain barrierGhabriel, M.; Zhu, C.; Hermanis, G.; Allt, G.
1995Differential expression of an endothelial barrier antigen between the CNS and the PNSLawrenson, J.; Ghabriel, M.; Reid, A.; Gajree, T.; Allt, G.
1995Distribution of a putative endothelial barrier antigen in the ocular and orbital tissues of the ratLawrenson, J.; Ghabriel, M.; Reid, A.; Gajree, T.; Allt, G.
1995Optic nerve microvessels: A partial molecular definition of cell surface anionic sitesLawrenson, J.; Reid, A.; Gajree, T.; Ghabriel, M.; Allt, G.
2002Electron microscope study of blood-brain barrier opening induced by immunological targeting of the endothelial barrier antigenGhabriel, M.; Zhu, C.; Leigh, C.
1996Dural Microvessels: molecular properties of their liminal anionic sitesLawrenson, J.; Reid, A.; Ghabriel, M.; Allt, G.