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2012From growth in height to growth in breadth": The changing body in Switzerland since the 19th centuryStaub, K.; Floris, J.; Bogin, B.; Woitek, U.; Pfister, C.; Ruhli, F.; Symposium of the Society for the Study of Human Biology celebrating the Human Biology of Jim Tanner (13 Dec 2011 - 15 Dec 2011 : Corpus Christi College, Cambridge)
2004Clinical perspectives on secular trends of intervertebral foramen diameters in an industrialized European societyRuhli, F.; Henneberg, M.
2010Charlemagne was very tall, but not robustRuhli, F.; Blumich, B.; Henneberg, M.
2006Human osseous intervertebral foramen widthRuhli, F.; Muntener, M.; Henneberg, M.
2004Hyperostosis frontalis interna: archaeological evidence of possible microevolution of human sex steroids?Ruhli, F.; Boni, T.; Henneberg, M.
2002Are hyperostosis frontalis interna and leptin linked? A hypothetical approach about hormonal influence on human microevolutionRuhli, F.; Henneberg, M.
2008Variability of Height, Weight, and Body Mass Index in a Swiss Armed Forces 2005 CensusRuhli, F.; Henneberg, M.; Woitek, U.
2009Variability of human foramen magnum sizeGruber, P.; Henneberg, M.; Boni, T.; Ruhli, F.
2008Determinants of inter-individual cholesterol level variation in an unbiased young male sampleRuhli, F.; Henneberg, M.; Schaer, D.; Imhof, A.; Schleiffenbaum, B.; Woitek, U.
2003High prevalence of tarsal coalitions and tarsal joint variants in a recent cadaver sample and its possible significanceRuhli, F.; Solomon, L.; Henneberg, M.