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2014GM crops and the rat digestive tract: a critical reviewZdziarski, I.; Edwards, J.; Carman, J.; Haynes, J.
2014Soluble amyloid beta levels are elevated in the white matter of Alzheimer's patients, independent of cortical plaque severityCollins-Praino, L.; Francis, Y.; Griffith, E.; Wiegman, A.; Urbach, J.; Lawton, A.; Honig, L.; Cortes, E.; Vonsattel, J.; Canoll, P.; Goldman, J.; Brickman, A.
2014Spermatozoa of the old endemic rodents of Australia - the possible functional significance of their ventral processesDrew, S.; Leigh, C.; Breed, W.
2013New perspectives on evolutionary medicine: the relevance of microevolution for human health and diseaseRuhli, F.; Henneberg, M.
2013Target-dependence of sensory neurons: An ultrastructural comparison of axotomised dorsal root ganglion neurons with allowed or denied reinnervation of peripheral targetsJohnson, I.; Sears, T.
2013NK1 receptor antagonists and dexamethasone as anticancer agents in vitro and in a model of brain tumours secondary to breast cancerLewis, K.; Harford-Wright, E.; Vink, R.; Ghabriel, M.
2013Cardiovascular disease in elderlyMenz, F.; Langlois, N.
2013Walker 256 tumour cells increase substance P immunoreactivity locally and modify the properties of the blood-brain barrier during extravasation and brain invasionLewis, K.; Harford-Wright, E.; Vink, R.; Nimmo, A.; Ghabriel, M.
2013Distal radius attachments of the radiocarpal ligaments: an anatomical studyZumstein, M.; Hasan, A.; McGuire, D.; Eng, K.; Bain, G.
2013Identification and functional characterization of a novel monotreme-specific antibacterial protein expressed during lactationBisana, S.; Kumar, S.; Rismiller, P.; Nicol, S.; Lefevre, C.; Nicholas, K.; Sharp, J.
2013Substance P antagonists as a novel intervention for brain edema and raised intracranial pressureGabrielian, L.; Helps, S.; Thornton, E.; Turner, R.; Leonard, A.; Vink, R.
2013The effect of an NK1 receptor antagonist on blood spinal cord barrier permeability following balloon compression-induced spinal cord injuryLeonard, A.; Vink, R.
2013Skeletal lesions in human tuberculosis may sometimes heal: an aid to palaeopathological diagnosesHolloway, K.; Link, K.; Ruhli, F.; Henneberg, M.
2013Parasites: Tales of humanity's most unwelcome guests. By Rosemary Drisdelle. Pp. 258. (University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, 2010.) £19.95, ISBN 978-052-259386, hardbackHenneberg, M.
2013On local micro-architecture analysis of trabecular bone in three dimensionsTassani, S.; Perilli, E.
2013Pre-emptive, early, and delayed alendronate treatment in a rat model of knee osteoarthritis: effect on subchondral trabecular bone microarchitecture and cartilage degradation of the tibia, bone/cartilage turnover, and joint discomfortMohan, G.; Perilli, E.; Parkinson, I.; Humphries, J.; Fazzalari, N.; Kuliwaba, J.
2013Tremorolytic effects of safinamide in animal models of drug-induced parkinsonian tremorPodurgiel, S.; Collins-Praino, L.; Yohn, S.; Randall, P.; Roach, A.; Lobianco, C.; Salamone, J.
2013A long-term toxicology study on pigs fed a combined genetically modified (GM) soy and GM maize dietCarman, J.; Vlieger, H.; Ver Steeg, L.; Sneller, V.; Robinson, G.; Clinch-Jones, C.; Haynes, J.; Edwards, J.
2013Anatomical variations of Guyon's canal contents: a case report and incidence in South Australian populationGhabriel, M.
2013Reconstruction of coronoid process using costochondral graft in a case of chronic posteromedial rotatory instability of the elbowSilveira, G.; Bain, G.; Eng, K.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 463