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1995Hepatic zinc in metallothionein-null mile following zinc challenge: In vivo and in vitro studiesCoyle, P.; Philcox, J.; Rofe, A.
1995Coronary artery thromboembolism and unexpected death in childhood and adolescenceStahl, J.; Santos, L.; Byard, R.
1997Cellular expression of adhesion factors in childhood rhabdomyosarcomaSaxon, B.; Byard, R.; Han, P.
1996Sudden infant death syndrome - the mystery continuesByard, R.
1998Amphetamine derivative fatalities in South Australia : is "Ecstasy" the Culprit?Byard, R.; Gilbert, J.; James, R.; Lokan, R.
1998Temporal stability of acetylcholinesterase staining in colonic and rectal neural tissueByard, R.; Carli, M.
1998Computer assisted learning in medical biochemistry on the world wide web accomplished by electronic collaborationAnderson, Marshall; Baggott, James; Blanchaer, Marcel; Cleary, Edward G.; Jacobs, Hans; Schwartz, Peter; Waye, Mary Miu Yee; Zimitar, Craig
1998Assessment of Cancellous Bone Quality in Severe Osteoarthrosis: Bone Mineral Density, Mechanics, and MicrodamageFazzalari, Nicola L.; Forwood, Mark Raymond; Smith, K.; Manthey, B. A.; Herreen, P.
1998Three-Dimensional Confocal Images of Microdamage in Cancellous BoneFazzalari, Nicola L.; Forwood, Mark Raymond; Manthey, B. A.; Smith, K.; Kolesik, Peter
1996In vivo studies of macrophages and intercellular adhesion molecule-1 following lipopolysaccharide treatment in tumour-bearing ratsNilsson, T. M.; Woods, A. E.; Rofe, Allan Malcolm