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2010Substance P immunoreactivity increases following human traumatic brain injuryZacest, A.; Vink, R.; Manavis, J.; Sarvestani, G.; Blumbergs, P.
2004Amiloride increases neuronal damage after traumatic brain injury in ratsTurner, R.; Van Den Heuvel, C.; Vink, R.
2009Hemoglobin crystals: A pro-inflammatory potential confounder of rat experimental intracerebral hemorrhageKleinig, T.; Helps, S.; Ghabriel, M.; Manavis, J.; Leigh, C.; Blumbergs, P.; Vink, R.
2002Novel therapies in development for the treatment of traumatic brain injuryVink, R.; Nimmo, A.
2004The "dark side" of endocannabinoids: A neurotoxic role for anandamideCernak, I.; Vink, R.; Natale, J.; Stoica, B.; Lea, P.; Movesesyan, V.; Ahmed, F.; Knoblach, S.; Fricke, S.; Faden, A.
2013Speed of development of cerebral swelling following blunt cranial traumaByard, R.; Vink, R.
2003Novel diketopiperazine enhances motor and cognitive recovery after traumatic brain injury in rats and shows neuroprotection In Vitro and In VivoFaden, A.; Knoblach, S.; Cernak, I.; Fan, L.; Vink, R.; Araldi, G.; Fricke, S.; Roth, B.; Kozikowski, A.
2004Anandamide-induced cell death in primary neuronal cultures: role of calpain and caspase pathwaysMovesesyan, V.; Stoica, B.; Yakovlev, A.; Knoblach, S.; Lea, P.; Cernak, I.; Vink, R.; Faden, A.
2012Infant gender, shared sleeping and sudden deathByard, R.; Elliott, J.; Vink, R.
2010Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors exacerbate histological damage and motor deficits after experimental traumatic brain injuryHarford-Wright, E.; Thornton, E.; Vink, R.