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1998Femoral Trabecular Bone of Osteoarthritic and Normal Subjects in an Age and Sex Matched GroupFazzalari, N.; Parkinson, I.
2009An unusual MR signal reduction artefact in an incompletely thawed cadaver spine specimenKurmis, A.; Slavotinek, J.; Barber, C.; Smith, L.; Fazzalari, N.
2008Bone remodeling: A review of the bone microenvironment perspective for fragility fracture (osteoporosis) of the hipFazzalari, N.
1997Quantitative analysis of trabecular morphogenesis in the human costochondral junction during the postnatal period in normal subjectsFazzalari, N.; Moore, A.; Byers, S.; Byard, R.
1997Effect of enzyme replacement therapy on bone formation in a feline model of mucopolysaccharidosis Type VIByers, S.; Nuttall, J.; Crawley, A.; Hopwood, J.; Smith, K.; Fazzalari, N.
1998Fractal Properties of Cancellous Bone of the Iliac Crest in Vertebral Crush FractureFazzalari, N.; Parkinson, I.
1997Fractal properties of subchondral cancellous bone in severe osteoarthritis of the hipFazzalari, N.; Parkinson, I.
1996Fractal dimension and architecture of trabecular boneFazzalari, N.; Parkinson, I.
1995Quantitative morphometric analysis of trabecular bone architecture in feline mucopolysaccharidosis VIClarke, J.; Byers, S.; Moore, A.; Fazzalari, N.; Hopwood, J.
2010Novel assessment of subregional bone mineral density using DXA and pQCT, and subregional microarchitecture using micro-CT in whole human vertebrae: Applications, methods, and correspondence between technologiesBriggs, A.; Perilli, E.; Parkinson, I.; Wrigley, T.; Fazzalari, N.; Kantor, S.; Wark, J.