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2008Prediction of sublayer depth in turbid media using spatially offset Raman spectroscopyMacLeod, Neil A.; Goodship, Allen Edward; Parker, Anthony W.; Matousek, Pavel
2008Genetically modified mechanostats: implications for skeletal competence?Goodship, Allen Edward; Black Forest Forum for Musculoskeletal Interactions (4th : 2007 : Castle Bad Liebenzell, Germany)
2008NetB, a new toxin that is associated with avian necrotic enteritis caused by clostridium perfringensKeyburn, A.; Boyce, J.; Vaz, P.; Bannam, T.; Ford, M.; Parker, D.; Di Rubbo, A.; Rood, J.; Moore, R.
2008Variation in segmentation of bone from micro-CT imaging: implications for quantitative morphometric analysisParkinson, I.; Badiei, A.; Fazzalari, N.
2008Microcomputed tomography imaging in a rat model of delayed union/non-union fractureDickson, G.; Geddis, C.; Fazzalari, N.; Marsh, D.; Parkinson, I.
2008TraumaBlumbergs, P.; Reilly, P.; Vink, R.
2008Comparison of twin and autologous transplants for multiple myelomaBashey, A.; Perez, W.; Zhang, M.; Anderson, K.; Ballen, K.; Berenson, J.; To, L.; Fonseca, R.; Freytes, C.; Gale, R.; Gibson, J.; Giralt, S.; Kyle, R.; Lazarus, H.; Maharaj, D.; McCarthy, P.; Milone, G.; Nimer, S.; Pavlovsky, S.; Reece, D.; et al.
2008Comparable outcomes in nonsecretory and secretory multiple myeloma after autologous stem cell transplantationKumar, S.; Perez, W.; Zhang, M.; Ballen, K.; Bashey, A.; To, L.; Bredeson, C.; Cairo, M.; Elfenbein, G.; Freytes, C.; Gale, R.; Gibson, J.; Kyle, R.; Lacy, M.; Lazarus, H.; McCarthy, P.; Milone, G.; Moreb, J.; Pavlovsky, S.; Reece, D.; et al.
2008A partial nucleated differential cell count of the bone marrow aspirate that is independent of peripheral blood dilutionLee, S.; Ho, S.; Thomas, D.; Giri, P.; Lee, H.; Sia, H.; To, L.; Sullivan, T.
2008Bone remodeling: A review of the bone microenvironment perspective for fragility fracture (osteoporosis) of the hipFazzalari, N.