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2009Low dose metal particles can induce monocyte/macrophage survivalLacey, D.; De Kok, B.; Clanchy, F.; Bailey, M.; Speed, K.; Haynes, D.; Graves, S.; Hamilton, J.
2005Splenic hamartorna with bizarre stromal cellsCheuk, Wah; Lee, Arthur K.; Arora, Neeru; Ben-Arie, Yehudith; Chan, John K. C.
2009In utero transplantation of adult bone marrow decreases perinatal lethality and rescues the bone phenotype in the knockin murine model for classical, cominant osteogenesis imperfectaPanaroni, C.; Gioia, R.; Lupi, A.; Besio, R.; Goldstein, S.; Kreider, J.; Leikin, S.; Vera, J.; Mertz, E.; Perilli, E.; Baruffaldi, F.; Villa, I.; Farina, A.; Casasco, M.; Cetta, G.; Rossi, A.; Frattini, A.; Marini, J.; Vezzoni, P.; Forlino, A.
2009Nursing assessment of obstructive sleep apnea in hospitalised adults: A review of risk factors and screening toolsSheldon, A.; Belan, I.; Neill, J.; Rowland, S.
2007In vitro assessment of arsenic bioaccessibility in contaminated (anthropogenic and geogenic) soilsJuhasz, A.; Smith, E.; Weber, J.; Rees, M.; Rofe, A.; Kuchel, T.; Sansom, L.; Naidu, R.
2007Comparison of in vivo and in vitro methodologies for the assessment of arsenic bioavailability in contaminated soilsJuhasz, A.; Smith, E.; Weber, J.; Rees, M.; Rofe, A.; Kuchel, T.; Sansom, L.; Naidu, R.
2007A prospective multicenter trial of peripheral blood stem cell sibling allografts for acute myeloid leukemia in first complete remission using fludarabine-cyclophosphamide reduced intensity conditioningGrigg, A.; Gibson, J.; Bardy, P.; Reynolds, J.; Shuttleworth, P.; Koelmeyer, R.; Szer, J.; Roberts, A.; To, L.; Kennedy, G.; Bradstock, K.
2007LTBP-2 specifically interacts with the amino-terminal region of fibrillin-1 and competes with LTBP-1 for binding to this microfibrillar proteinHirani, R.; Hanssen, E.; Gibson, M.
2007Intervertebral disc degeneration reduces vertebral motion responsesColloca, C.; Keller, T.; Moore, R.; Gunzburg, R.; Harrison, D.
2007p25α relocalizes in oligodendroglia from myelin to cytoplasmic inclusions in multiple system atrophySong, Y.; Lundvig, D.; Huang, Y.; Gai, W.; Blumbergs, P.; Hojrup, P.; Otzen, D.; Halliday, G.; Jensen, P.