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2008NSF, Unc-18-1, dynamin-1 and HSP90 are inclusion body components in neuronal intranuclear inclusion disease identified by anti-SUMO-1-immunocapturePountney, D.; Raftery, M.; Chegini, F.; Blumbergs, P.; Gai, W.
2004MAGP-2 has multiple binding regions on fibrillins and has covalent periodic association with fibrillin-containing microfibrilsHanssen, E.; Hew, F.; Bradford, E.; Gibson, M.
2009Ballistics reviews: mechanisms of bullet wound traumaMaiden, Nicholas Russell
2009Metallophilic macrophages are fully developed in the thymus of autoimmune regulator (Aire)-deficient miceMilcevic, N.; Milicevic, Z.; Milkovic, M.; Labudovic-Borovic, M.; Laan, M.; Peterson, P.; Kisand, K.; Scott, H.; Qu, N.; Westermann, J.
2003Covalent and non-covalent interactions of b ig-h3 with collagen VI - big-h3 is covalently attached to the amino-terminal region of collagen VI in tissue microfibrilsHanssen, E.; Reinboth, B.; Gibson, M.
2009Validation of the sheep as a large animal model for the study of vertebral osteoporosisZarrinkalam, K.; Beard, H.; Schultz, C.; Moore, R.
2003Novel diketopiperazine enhances motor and cognitive recovery after traumatic brain injury in rats and shows neuroprotection In Vitro and In VivoFaden, A.; Knoblach, S.; Cernak, I.; Fan, L.; Vink, R.; Araldi, G.; Fricke, S.; Roth, B.; Kozikowski, A.
2008Outcome of patients with myelodysplastic syndromes - experience from a single institution in South AustraliaHui, C.; Horvath, N.; Lewis, I.; To, L.; Szabo, F.
2008Marfan syndrome and sudden death within a family - Aetiologic, molecular and diagnostic issues at autopsyHirani, R.; Koszyca, B.; Byard, R.
2008Automobile door entrapment - A different form of vehicle-related crush asphyxiaByard, R.; Woodford, N.