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2006The temporal profile of edema formation differs between male and female rats following diffuse traumatic brain injuryO'Connor, C.; Cernak, I.; Vink, R.; International Symposium on Brain Edema and Tissue Injury (13th : 2005 : Ann Arbor, Mich.)
2002Inhibition of cyclooxygenase 2 by nimesulide improves cognitive outcome more than motor outcome following diffuse traumatic brain injury in ratsCernak, I.; OConnor, C.; Vink, R.
2003Interaction between anesthesia, gender, and functional outcome task following diffuse traumatic brain injury in ratsO'Connor, C.; Cernak, I.; Vink, R.
2008Population screening and intensity of screening are associated with reduced breast cancer mortality: evidence of efficacy of mamography screening in AustraliaRoder, D.; Houssami, N.; Farshid, G.; Gill, P.; Luke, C.; Downey, P.; Beckmann, K.; Iosifidis, P.; Grieve, L.; Williamson, L.
2003Magnesium supplementation does not delay disease onset or increase survival in a mouse model of familial ALSPamphlett, R.; Todd, E.; Vink, R.; McQuilty, R.; Cheema, S.
2005Effects of intervertebral disc infection on the developing ovine spineWalters, R.; Smith, S.; Hutchinson, M.; Dolan, A.; Fraser, R.; Moore, R.
2005Mucocele-like lesions of the breast: a benign cause for indeterminate or suspicious mammographic microcalcificationsFarshid, G.; Pieterse, S.; King, J.; Robinson, J.
2003Neuropeptide release influences brain edema formation after diffuse traumatic brain injuryVink, R.; Young, A.; Bennett, C.; Hu, X.; O'Connor, C.; Cernak, I.; Nimmo, A.
2004Neurogenic inflammation is associated with development of edema and functional deficits following traumatic brain injury in ratsNimmo, A.; Cernak, I.; Heath, D.; Hu, X.; Bennett, C.; Vink, R.
2002Intratracheal administration of glucocorticoids using surfactant as a vehicleNimmo, A.; Carstairs, J.; Patole, S.; Whitehall, J.; Davidson, K.; Vink, R.