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2010The relationship between physical activity and leg health in the broiler chickenSherlock, L.; Demmers, T. G. M.; Goodship, Allen Edward; McCarthy, I. D.; Wathes, C. M.
2010Genome response to tissue plasminogen activator in experimental ischemic strokeJickling, G.; Zhan, X.; Ander, B.; Turner, R.; Stamova, B.; Xu, H.; Tian, Y.; Liu, D.Z.; Davis, R.; Lapchak, P.; Sharp, F.
2012Pathologies of the appendix: a 10-year review of 4670 appendicectomy specimensChandrasegaram, Manju D.; Rothwell, Lincoln Alastair; An, Ethan I.; Miller, Rose J.
2011Are underlying assumptions of current animal models of human stroke correct: From STAIRs to high hurdles?Turner, R.; Jickling, G.; Sharp, F.
2010Distinctive RNA expression profiles in blood associated with white matter hyperintensities in brainXu, H.; Stamova, B.; Jickling, G.; Tian, Y.; Zhan, X.; Ander, B.; Liu, D.; Turner, R.; Rosand, J.; Goldstein, L.; Furie, K.; Verro, P.; Johnston, S.; Sharp, F.; DeCarli, C.
2010Determination of cadmium relative bioavailability in contaminated soils and its prediction using in vitro methodologiesJuhasz, A.; Weber, J.; Naidu, R.; Gancarz, D.; Rofe, A.; Todor, D.; Smith, E.
2012The expression of RANKL and OPG in the various grades of osteoarthritic cartilageUpton, A.; Holding, C.; Dharmapatni, A.; Haynes, D.
2010Aspartic acid racemization and collagen degradation markers reveal an accumulation of damage in tendon collagen that is enhanced with agingThorpe, Chavaunne T.; Streeter, Ian; Pinchbeck, Gina L.; Goodship, Allen Edward; Clegg, Peter D.; Birch, Helen L.
2013An audit of the toxicology findings in 555 medico-legal autopsies finds manner of death changed in 5 casesLanglois, N.; Gilbert, J.; Heath, K.; Winskog, C.; Kostakis, C.
2013Neuroinflammation: beneficial and detrimental effects after traumatic brain injuryFinnie, J.