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2012Polyethylene particles stimulate expression of ITAM-related molecules in peri-implant tissues and when stimulating osteoclastogenesis in vitroAlias, E.; Dharmapatni, A.; Holding, C.; Atkins, G.; Findlay, D.; Howie, D.; Crotti, T.; Haynes, D.
2012Temporal changes in bone composition, architecture, and strength following estrogen deficiency in osteoporosisBrennan, O.; Kuliwaba, J.; Lee, T.; Parkinson, I.; Fazzalari, N.; McNamara, L.; O'Brien, F.
2012A difficult conversation? The views and experiences of parents and professionals on the consent process for perinatal postmortem after stillbirthHeazell, A.; M-J, M.; Schmidt, E.; Cox, P.; Flenady, V.; Khong, T.; Downe, S.
2016Mutations in the mammalian target of rapamycin pathway regulators NPRL2 and NPRL3 cause focal epilepsyRicos, M.; Hodgson, B.; Pippucci, T.; Saidin, A.; Ong, Y.; Heron, S.; Licchetta, L.; Bisulli, F.; Bayly, M.; Hughes, J.; Baldassari, S.; Palombo, F.; Epilepsy Electroclinical Study Group; Santucci, M.; Meletti, S.; Berkovic, S.; Rubboli, G.; Thomas, P.; Scheffer, I.; Tinuper, P.; et al.
2013Multiple injuries in suicide simulating homicide: report of three casesAustin, A.; Guddat, S.; Tsokos, M.; Gilbert, J.; Byard, R.
2013Postoperative cervical soft tissue hemorrhage with acute upper airway obstructionQuick, E.; Byard, R.
2013The symmetry of self mutilation and the chess board patternByard, R.; Heath, K.; Tsokos, M.
2010Inhibition of apoptosis in periodontitisLucas, H.; Bartold, P.; Dharmapatni, A.; Holding, C.; Haynes, D.
2010Potential problems arising during international disaster victim identification (DVI) exercisesByard, R.; Winskog, C.
2015Combined DNA, toxicological and heavy metal analyses provides an auditing toolkit to improve pharmacovigilance of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)Coghlan, M.; Maker, G.; Crighton, E.; Haile, J.; Murray, D.; White, N.; Byard, R.; Bellgard, M.; Mullaney, I.; Trengove, R.; Allcock, R.; Nash, C.; Hoban, C.; Jarrett, K.; Edwards, R.; Musgrave, I.; Bunce, M.