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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Sudden infant death syndrome and unclassified sudden infant deaths: A definitional and diagnostic approachKrous, H.; Beckwith, J.; Byard, R.; Rognum, T.; Bajanowski, T.; Corey, T.; Cutz, E.; Hanzlick, R.; Keens, T.; Mitchell, E.
2001Specific dangers associated with infants sleeping on sofasByard, R.; Beal, S.; Blackbourne, B.; Nadeau, J.; Krous, H.
2007Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) - Standardised investigations and classification: RecommendationsBajanowski, T.; Vege, A.; Byard, R.; Krous, H.; Arnestad, M.; Bachs, L.; Banner, J.; Blair, P.; Borthne, A.; Dettmeyer, R.; Fleming, P.; Gaustad, P.; Gregersen, M.; Grogaard, J.; Holter, E.; Isaksen, C.; Jorgensen, J.; de Lange, C.; Madea, B.; Moore, I.; et al.
2004Pathology research into sudden infant death syndrome: where do we go from here?Krous, H.; Byard, R.; Rognum, T.
2003Death due to electrocution in childhood and early adolescenceByard, R.; Hanson, K.; Gilbert, J.; James, R.; Nadeau, J.; Blackbourne, B.; Krous, H.
2004Pediatric forensic pathology in crisisByard, R.; Krous, H.
2000Shaking-impact syndrome and lucidityByard, R.; Donald, T.; Hilton, J.; Krous, H.
2002Infanticide: Is its incidence among postneonatal infant deaths increasing? An 18-year population-based analysis in CaliforniaKrous, H.; Nadeau, J.; Silva, P.; Byard, R.
2001Shared bathing and drowning in infants and young childrenByard, R.; de Koning, C.; Blackbourne, B.; Nadeau, J.; Krous, H.
2007Infants and toddlers must not be thought of as "miniature adults" - A forensic perspectiveKrous, H.; Byard, R.