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2000Developmental expression of dermatan sulfate proteoglycans in the elastic bovine nuchal ligamentReinboth, B.; Finnis, M.; Gibson, M.; Sandberg, L.; Cleary, E.
2000Elastic fiber proteins in the glomerular mesangium in vivo and in cell cultureSterzel, R.; Hartner, A.; Schlotzer-Schrehardt, U.; Voit, S.; Hausknecht, B.; Doliana, R.; Colombatti, A.; Gibson, M.; Braghetta, P.; Bressan, G.
2000Inhibition of C5a-induced neutrophil chemotaxis and macrophage cytokine production In vitro by a new C5a receptor antagonistHaynes, D.; Harkin, D.; Bignold, L.; Hutchens, M.; Taylor, S.; Fairlie, D.
2000Maldigestion and malabsorptionRatnaike, Ranjit Nihal; Barbour, Angela Helen
2000Primary empty sella turcica: a radiological-anatomical correlationSage, M.; Blumbergs, P.
2000In situ and in vitro study of colocalization and segregation of a-Synuclein, ubiquitin, and lipids in Lewy bodiesGai, W.P.; Yaun, H.; Li, Q.X.; Power, J.; Blumbergs, P.; Jensen, P.
2000Corrosion of and changes in biological effects of cobalt chrome alloy and 316L staianless steel prosthetic particles with ageHaynes, D.; Crotti, T.; Haywood, M.
2000The vertebral end-plate: what do we know?Moore, R.
2000Teased nerve fibre studies in aged myelin-associated glycoprotein (Mag) knockout miceCai, Z.; Smith, P.; Swift, J.; Cash, K.; Turnley, A.; Finnie, J.; Thompson, P.; Blumbergs, P.; XIVth International Conference of Neurpathology (01 Sep 2000 : Birmingham, UK)
2000Biochemical variables in pre- and post-menopausal women: Reconciling the calcium and estrogen hypotheses - ReplyNordin, B.