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2009The prevalence and pathogenesis of synovial cysts within the ligamentum flavum in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis and radiculopathyWilby, M.; Fraser, R.; Vernon-Roberts, B.; Moore, R.
2008The Natural History of Age-Related Disc Degeneration: The Influence of Age and Pathology on Cell Populations in the L4-L5 DiscVernon-Roberts, B.; Moore, R.; Fraser, R.
2008Recent advances in annular pathobiology provide insights into rim-lesion mediated intervertebral disc degeneration and potential new approaches to annular repair strategiesMelrose, J.; Smith, S.; Little, C.; Moore, R.; Vernon-Roberts, B.; Fraser, R.
2002Treatment of discitis following discectomy (ovine model)Chappel, D.; Goss, D.; Moore, R.; Walters, R.; Fraser, R.
2002The consequences of juvenile discitisWalters, R.; Smith, S.; Hutchinson, M.; Dolan, A.; Vernon-Roberts, B.; Fraser, R.; Moore, R.
2002Effects of intervertebral disc infection on the growing spineWalters, R.; Smith, S.; Hutchinson, M.; Dolan, A.; Vernon-Roberts, B.; Fraser, R.; Moore, R.
2006Therapeutic use of cephazolin to prevent complications of spine surgeryWalters, R.; Vernon-Roberts, B.; Fraser, R.; Moore, R.
2008The biologic response to particles from a potential disc prosthesis materialShimamura, Y.; Holding, C.; Haynes, D.; Vernon-Roberts, B.; Blumbergs, P.; Fraser, R.; Moore, R.
2006Penetration of cephazolin in human lumbar intervertebral discWalters, R.; Moore, R.; Fraser, R.
2006Prophylactic cephazolin to prevent discitis in an ovine modelWalters, R.; Rahmat, R.; Shimamura, Y.; Fraser, R.; Moore, R.