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2012The educational value of disaster victim identification (DVI) missions - transfer of knowledgeWinskog, C.; Tonkin, A.; Byard, R.
2012Temporal trends in vehicle fatalities on South Australian roads: an analysis of the holiday road tollRosenfeld, H.; Byard, R.
2012Should infants and adults sleep in the same bed together? Health professionals should educate families about risk factors for accidental asphyxiation in shared-sleeping arrangementsByard, R.
2012Pathologies of the appendix: a 10-year review of 4670 appendicectomy specimensChandrasegaram, Manju D.; Rothwell, Lincoln Alastair; An, Ethan I.; Miller, Rose J.
2012The expression of RANKL and OPG in the various grades of osteoarthritic cartilageUpton, A.; Holding, C.; Dharmapatni, A.; Haynes, D.
2012Micro-CT examination of human bone: from biopsies towards the entire organPerilli, E.; Parkinson, I.; Reynolds, K.
2012Gastric HER2 Testing Study (GaTHER): An Evaluation of Gastric/Gastroesophageal Junction Cancer Testing Accuracy in AustraliaFox, S.; Kumarasinghe, M.; Armes, J.; Bilous, M.; Cummings, M.; Farshid, G.; Fitzpatrick, N.; Francis, G.; McCloud, P.; Raymond, W.; Morey, A.
2012Fournier Gangrene and unexpected deathBury, D.; Byard, R.
2012Brain weight-body weight ratio in sudden infant death syndrome revisitedElliott, J.; Vink, R.; Jensen, L.; Byard, R.
2012Tug of war in the haematopoietic stem cell niche: do myeloma plasma cells compete for the HSC niche?Noll, J.; Williams, S.; Purton, L.; Zannettino, A.