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Type: Patent
Title: "PLANT GROWTH REGULATION - azepinone derivative as phytoregulators"
Author: Bastiaans, H.
Donn, G.
Knittel, N.
Martelletti, A.
Rees, R.
Schwall, M.
Whitford, R.
Issue Date: 2005
Statement of
Henricus Bastiaans, Günter Donn, Nathalie Knittel, Arianna Martelletti, Richard Rees, Michael Schwall and Ryan Whitford
Abstract: The present invention relates to a new class of plant growth regulators. In particular, the invention relates to fused azepinone derivative of general formula (I) or an agriculturally acceptable salt thereof wherein X is CO2R2 or H; Y is OH; NHNR3R4, NHNHC(=Z)NR5R6 or NHNHC(=Z)CR7R8R9; or X and Y together with the two carbon atoms to which they are attached form a ring of formula (A) and a method for treatment of plants with such compounds in order to induce growth regulating responses.
Description: Pub. No.: WO/2005/107471 Publication Date: 17.11.2005 International Application No.: PCT/EP2005/004687 International Filing Date: 30.04.2005
Patent #: WO/2005/107471
RMID: 0020111659
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