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Type: Thesis
Title: Graduates’ perspectives of attributes assessed during structured oral assessment for the selection of undergraduate nursing students at the University of Adelaide.
Author: Rochmawati, Erna
Issue Date: 2009
School/Discipline: School of Population Health and Clinical Practice : Nursing
Abstract: A reliable student selection in nursing education programs is important to select the most suitable candidates not only as students but also as likely to pursue a career in nursing. In the last several years, the student selection of Bachelor of Nursing degrees have not been based solely on an academic performance, but also on a structured oral assessment. Although several evaluations of structured oral assessment have been undertaken, no reviewed study of structured oral assessment from the perspectives of the graduates nurse has been found. Evidence to improve processes of structured oral assesment is limited. In order to conduct a better structured oral assessment, further investigation in the structured oral assessment from graduate nurses perspectives is necessary. Therefore, this multi-method descriptive study aimed to explore graduates’ perceptions of the attributes explored during the structured oral assessment. Required attributes for successful completion of the Bachelor of nursing, and undertaking a career as a registered nurse were also explored. Thirty five Bachelor of Nursing graduates were invited to participate in this study, in which participants completed self-administered postal questionnaires. A semi-structured interview was conducted after a quantitative data collection. Quantitative data was analysed utilising simple descriptive statistics, while qualitative data utilising content analysis. Results indicated that the structured oral assessment was an excellent method in student selection, and questions being asked in the structured oral assessment were viewed as appropriate, suitable and relevant. Findings of this study illustrated attributes which were viewed important for successful completion of pre-registered nurse education and undertaking a career as nurses. From this study, two new findings were revealed, including integrity and the mentorship between younger and more mature students. Recommendations from this study include improving teaching and learning methods, and supporting mutual relationships among pre-registered nurse students. Further studies related to refinement of the questionnaire, and replications of this study at broad level are also recommended.
Advisor: Wilson, Anne
McCann, Robert
Dissertation Note: Thesis (M.Nurs.Sc.) - University of Adelaide, School of Population Health and Clinical Practice, 2009
Keywords: coursework; nursing; structured oral assessment; admission interview; student nurse; student attributes; registered nurse attributes
Provenance: Master of Nursing Science by coursework
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