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Type: Conference paper
Title: The perceptual organization of point constellations
Author: Dry, M.
Navarro, D.
Preiss, A.
Lee, M.
Citation: Proceedings of the 31st Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (COGSCI 2009): pp.1151-1156
Publisher: Cognitive Science Society
Publisher Place: Netherlands
Issue Date: 2009
ISBN: 9780976831853
Conference Name: Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (31st : 2009 : Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Statement of
Matthew J. Dry, Daniel Navarro, Kym Preiss and Michael Lee
Abstract: In this paper we present observers with point patterns based on 30 major star constellations and ask them to connect the points to show the structure they perceive. The resulting empirical structures had a high inter-rater reliability and a high degree of overlap with constellation structures recorded in star atlases, suggesting that the perception of structure in point patterns is largely invariant across individuals. Further, we demonstrate that the empirical structures correspond closely with the structures developed in the field of relational geometry. We discuss the results of the experiment in light of previous findings and suggest a number of potential approaches to formally modeling human performance on clustering tasks.
Keywords: Gestalt organizational principles; visual perception; relational structure; Delaunay triangulation; perceptual organization; perceptual modeling
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RMID: 0020097171
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