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1996Differential effects of insulin-like growth factor-I and follicle-stimulating hormone on proliferation and differentiation of bovine cumulus cells and granulosa cellsArmstrong, D.; Xia, P.; de Gannes, G.; Tekpety, F.; Khamsi, F.
1996Pill, patch or pellet! What's new in HRT?MacLennan, A.
1996Sexual dimorphism of circulating somatotropin, insulin-like growth factor I and II, insulin-like growth factor binding proteins, and insulin: relationships to growth rate and carcass characteristics in growing lambsGatford, K.; Fletcher, T.; Clarke, I.; Owens, P.; Quinn, K.; Walton, P.; Grant, P.; Hosking, B.; Egan, A.; Ponnampalam, E.
1996The production of unusually large offspring following embryo manipulation: concepts and challengesWalker, S.; Hartwich, K.; Seamark, R.
1996Where next for prophylaxis against pre-eclampsia?Pipkin, F.; Crowther, C.; de Swiet, M.; Duley, L.; Judd, A.; Lilford, R.; Onwude, J.; Prentice, C.; Redman, C.; Roberts, J.; Thornton, J.; Walker, J.
1996The alpha-1,3-galactosyltransferase knockout mouseTearle, R.; Tange, M.; Zannettino, Z.; Katerelos, M.; Shinkel, T.; van Denderen, B.; Lonie, A.; Lyons, I.; Nottle, M.; Cox, T.; Becker, C.; Peura, A.; Wigley, P.; Crawford, R.; Robins, A.; Pearse, M.; d'Apice, A.
1996Expression of functional decay-accelerating factor (Cd55) in transgenic mice protects against human complement-mediated attack1van Denderen, B.; Pearse, M.; Katerelos, M.; Nottle, M.; Du, Z.; Aminian, A.; Adam, W.; Shenoy-Scaria, A.; Lublin, D.; Shinkel, T.; d'Apice, A.
1996Prevalence and cost of alternative medicine in AustraliaMacLennan, A.; Wilson, D.; Taylor, A.
1996Serotonin agonists mimic the phase shifting effects of light on the melatonin rhythm in ratsKennaway, D.; Rowe, S.; Ferguson, S.
1996Menstrual irregularity and menopauseMacLennan, A.