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2000Long-term effects on offspring of exposure of oocytes and embryos to chemical and physical agentsWalker, S.; Hartwich, K.; Robinson, J.
2000Haematopoietic indicators of fetal metabolic acidosisSpencer, M.; Khong, T.; Matthews, B.; MacLennan, A.
2000Circadian rhythms and sportKennaway, D.
2000Uterine eosinophils and reproductive performance in interleukin 5-deficient miceRobertson, S.; Mau, V.; Young, I.; Matthaei, K.
2000Prenatal exposure to the dopamine agonist SKF-38393 disrupts the timing of the initial response of the suprachiasmatic nucleus to lightFerguson, S.; Rowe, S.; Krupa, M.; Kennaway, D.
2000Cervical incompetence prevention randomized cerclage trial (CIRPRACT): Study design and preliminary resultsAlthuisius, S.; Dekker, G.; van Geijn, H.; Bekedam, D.; Hummel, P.
2000High prevalence of hemostatic abnormalities in women with a history of severe preeclampsiavan Pampus, M.; Wolf, H.; Dekker, G.
2000Differential regulation by FSH and IGF-I of extracellular matrix IGFBP-5 in bovine granulosa cells: effect of association with the oocyteIngman, W.; Owens, P.; Armstrong, D.
2000Renal xenografts from triple-transgenic pigs are not hyperacutely rejected but cause coagulopathy in non-immunosuppressed baboonsCowan, P.; Cowan, A.; Barlow, H.; Brown, A.; Chen, C.; Fisicaro, N.; Francis, D.; Goodman, D.; Han, W.; Kurek, M.; Nottle, M.; Pearse, M.; Salvoris, E.; Shinkel, T.; Stainsby, G.; Stewart, A.; d'Apice, A.
2000Chorangioma with trophoblastic proliferationKhong, T.