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2004The parent-of-origin effect of 10q22 in pre-eclamptic females coincides with two regions clustered for genes with down-regulated expression in androgenetic placentasOudejans, C.; Mulders, J.; Lachmeijer, A.; van Dijk, M.; Konst, A.; Westerman, B.; van Wijk, I.; Leegwater, P.; Kato, H.; Matsuda, T.; Wake, N.; Dekker, G.; Pals, G.; ten Kate, L.; Blankenstein, M.
2004Use of complementary therapies in pregnancy: the perceptions of obstetricians and midwives in South AustraliaGaffney, L.; Smith, C.
2004The effect of stress on menstrual functionLoucks, Anne B.; Redman, Leanne Maree
2004Farrowing rates and litter size following transfer of vitrified porcine embryos into a commercial herdCameron, R.; Beebe, L.; Blackshaw, A.; Keates, H.
2004Transanal endoscopic microsurgery: assessment reportSutherland, L.; Middleton, Philippa Fairfax
2004WHI WHI WHI? Clarifying the interpretations of data from the Women's Health Initiative trialMacLennan, A.; Sturdee, D.
2004Reply to Dr Lamont - letter to the editorKing, J.; Flenady, V.; Papatsonis, D.; Dekker, G.; Carbonne, B.
2004Update on the controversies of tocolytic therapy for the prevention of preterm birth - letter to the editorPapatsonis, D.; Carbonne, B.; Dekker, G.; King, J.; Flenady, V.
2004Planned caesarean section decreases the risk of adverse perinatal outcome due to both labour and delivery complications in the Term Breech TrialSu, Min; Hannah, Walter J.; Willan, Andrew; Ross, Susan; Hannah, Mary E.; Crowther, Caroline Anne
2004Should epidemiology, the media and quangos determine clinical practice?Sturdee, D.; MacLennan, A.